Saturday, June 4, 2011

the time of birthdays

The next 5 weeks a lot of ppl i love will have their birthdays.
Starting with my precious son on june 14th.
After that there r 7 ppl having birthdays until the 7th july
My mum, my unlce, rayyans cousin ( shes getting 2 years) , rayyans uncles ( twins), my husband and my dad.
The most impprtant ppl are not near me on their birthdays and i just wish i could be there to surprise them :)
Alhamdulillah i found a great service where i can send a postcard with a picture (one i upload or 1 they offer) and write some words. They send it on a chosen date and take only about 2 - 3 Euro for it. I used this for my uncle n dad ( )
And i will buy something for my mum and let them send it to my uncle so he can give it 2 her on her birthday inshallah.

I have no idea what to arrange for my husbands bithday.
It should be something he really likes and doesnt expect.
One of the things ill do is definetly to make a poster with pictures of rayyan and us as a family.
But still i need something else and im thinking hard still i cant catch a good idea.
Id be thankfull for any idea :)
Egypt isnt very good when it comes to order things online.
In germany i can get ANYTHING online. I can even order a puzzle made with a picture of rayyan online. Its so much easier to arrange surpirses like that secretly.
Last year i send my mum flowers to her brithday but i figured thats its a waste since shes not such a fan of flowers and to send them coasts just as much as buying a proper present and get it send to her :)