Sunday, October 25, 2009


Iam exhausted even though i slept 8 hours i still feel tired and wanna go back 2 sleep
and its all bcz of yesterday
Yesterday we went 2 downtown, mohndesin and some other places 2 search 4 some nice decent furniture and it took us 12 hours :S
Still didnt really find anything..The things i like arent acceptable ( says my husband) bcz its made of mdc n not pure wood.
And everything else looks like france in 18th century
Somehow like this just with more fake gold and flowers on it :(

Its like impossible 2 find simple elegant furniture here. I found some couches id accept but we need a bedroom first.
Though the couch i fel in love with coasts 25000 pound and is way 2 expensive, so we not gonna get that pretty one :S
This is some kinda bedrooms id love 2 have

Why isnt there a Ikea in here????

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is this Winter?

4 my taste its 2 warm 2 be Winter...even 4 Egypt
I could me being wrong if my egyptian husband wouldnt say the same all the time, complaining about the warm weather when it actually shouldnt be so hot.
As all arabs( ok 99%) he loves cold weather which includes snow, rain and freezing temperatures..stuff not really existing here except the rain sometimes.

I dont really know what 2 blog these days as Life just goes on and things dont get further.
Still didnt had the marriage party 2 let his complete family know he married a european
Didnt moved back 2 Obour as we didnt find a good flat with furniture, that means we still stay in the apartment above his parents one and beside his brothers apartment.
Currently his Parents, younger sister and 1 brother are in another house so its quiet here.
Just me and my husband, my husbands brothers down.And of course the one beside us with his wife n child which is 1,5 years old.

So not too much action for now.
Lets see what future ill bring :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

new abaya

What u think of it?

pancakes in masr

I doubt that egyptians know pancakes, at least i never saw them here at all
I have 2 admit i never made pancakes be4 ( at least not sucessfully), i always let my mum do i 4 me :)
But i googled a recipe 4 them 2day and alhamdulillah it worked out. Tastes even same as my mums pancake.
Anyway was just a test if it works so ill make them another day 4 my huby and family in law inshallah
So yummy i ate 2of them right now 4 lunch ( n breakfast cause i left it)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Good vs. The Bad

The Good vs. The Bad

Ok im thinking about the positiv and negative sites of living here in cairo now so i thought it be intresting 2 make a list :P

The Good ( always start with the good ;)

- Abayas - u can get them everywhere in any style and much cheaper than in europe!

- The people - dont know why but ppl here r more welcoming and nicer

- Freedom in Islam - well its easier to live islam here than in a small city in germany where ppl think ur a terorist if u wear abaya or just hijab

- Prices - Stuff here is simply cheaper ( except cars)

- Lifestyle - (not sure if thats good) ppl here take things easier..u r 2 hours late so what?
i dont really like it but its helpfull some times. like we can go n vacation 2 alexandria now without asing the work for holidays 3 months be4 it

- Arabic - learning arabic here is simply easier and so it can help u 2 learn reading quran 2

- Mosques and Adhan - everywhere,always available

- Renting flats here is waiting 3 months 2 finish a contract..u can get a new flat in 1 day and leave it in 1 week if u wanna?

The Bad ( had 2 come right?)

- Cleaniness..does it exist? dont think so!

- the sanitary is mostly every flat

- street cats n sorry 4 them

- the it winter, really???

- The food... 2 much meat, 2 much fat... instead of water always pepsi, 7up,...

cant think of more now,maybe ill add more later


impressions of cairo

ٍٍStreet cat on a parking place - downt town

Our Dog Mickee- 6th ocotober

masjid in 6th october

somewhere in cairo- maybe nasr city

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

m bored

husband is late 2day and am soo bored
any suggestions on what 2 do?
got no tv or anything n mother in law+ sister in law arent here :S
I finished all books n its dark and i cant go out...BORING
I wish my husband comes home right now


rat on the roof :S

2day was quite boring day, i went 2 sleep late last night so i got up at about 11 am.
The only things i did after waking up is eating break fast, washing clothes, some cleaning n cooking.
And going up on the roof ....Bad idea
I just went there to get some sun and fresh air. usually i dont go there bcz its never been finished so its full of sand and looks ugly up there..and because my husband told me there r animals and i should take the dog with me when i go up.
Well the dog has been sleeping somewhere so i went alone.

I just had 2 see the pigeons who r set in a tiny cottage( u call it like this?) up there.
I wonder why we have them as no one cares 4 them n no one needs them
Anyway when i looked in the cottage i saw a huge rat climbing up the wall :S
It was disgusting, i can tell u..
I think from now on ill be realy more carefull 2 close the windows at night so they cant come in.
Still we didint got the stuff that protect the windows,everywhere ( how u call it that keeps flies n so on out?)

Now am waiting 4 my husband 2 come home so we can go 2 get our stuff from somewhere else and than come back..will be a 2 hour drive there n back 2 hours :S

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cat in Obour

I made this pic right in front of our building in obour, i just love her colours..

Alhamdulillah the weather is getting better now in cairo, its not 2 hot anymore and even getting cold outside at night.

My cooking skills still didnt reach the level that i want and my mummy still didnt acess inet so we could talk easier :S
Inshallah it gonna work soon..