Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Am going 2 germany :)

I just booked he flight which will be on the 21st of december and ill be back on the 1st january :)
Am so happy :)
The flight will be with czech airline, i never used this one be4 but inshallah it will be good.
Now i gotta start buying some little presents 4 my family and get ready 2 visit my home ( still consider it home :S)

Monday, November 23, 2009

soo bored

Am so bored
Husband is at work n brother in law sleeps in his room ( at least i guess he sleeps)
I finished cleaning n cooking n listend some islamic lessons
N now?
Its dark n cold outside n still got no tv or books *sigh*
Life can be really boring like this

human behaviour

i cant help but feel sorry 4 the dogs on the following pics
i didnt even recognize the dog on the 1st one i thought its a toy :S

Sunday, November 22, 2009


AM sorry that i change the Name so my Blog so much but i just cant seem 2 find a name that satisfy me :S
What u think of the new one?


AM sorry that i change the Name so my Blog so much but i just cant seem 2 find a name that satisfy me :S
What u think of the new one?


Since 2 days we have a Guest in our House, the brother of my Husband.
He recently got no own Home and lived by his parents but appearently cant handle him in his current situation and they have problems on their own 2.
My Brother in law lost his wife and baby about 1,5 years ago in a car accident after that he lost some fingers of the right hand which still making problems as it doesnt heal well.
Am glad he is here with us and i hope he will recover faster with us as he will have less stress here inshallah.
Plz make Duas 4 him he really needs it

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday weve been 2 carrefour ( a big shopping center with everything 4 the house like food, plates, glasses n even clothes)
As ususal we spend quite a long time there even we wanted 2 buy just some food n some plates, all in all we were 2,5 hours there.
After all of this my back was acking n i got a big headache, but at least i found the ice cream i was craving 4 so long :)
I dont know if carrefour is the only one who sells sundays ( the ice cream) here?
We also bought fish filet, but i just discovered i have no idea how 2 make a meal out of that. I mean r the fish bones still in that filet or do i have 2 remove them?
Im just totally clueless about this, which mkaes me feel stupid as i think its common knowledge, isnt it?
So i gotta wait 4 my husband 2 come home and explain me how 2 do it ( i hope he knows)

Otherwise my Life isnt quite what i expected, always when we go out 2 enjoy ourself ( even if its just going 2 carrefour) we get a call from someone from his family about a new drama.
i know its not their choice that their life is going bad and they propably suffer more from it than me. But i just wish this would end, i cant take it that everyday new bad news and my husband in stress, tention n bad mood from it.It has an bad effect on us as it makes us argue 2..
We cant enjoy a new marriage life as its supposed 2 be, no going out just having some fun..
Its bugging me a lot and its bugging me more tha we cant do anything against it bcz the peope who do the trouble ( father in law, mother in law and 1 brother in law) dont even think about changing their ways and they dont care what they do 2 others with thier behaviour. The rest of the family has 2 suffer 4 their childish behaviour :S
Alhamdulllah my family isnt doing any stress on us.
But i wonder how can i bring a kid into this family?
i dont want my kid 2 be in this chaos and problems :(

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our new Flat :)

Finally we moved 2 our rented Flat in Obour city :)
It feels more home han the plac in 6th october city.
he rooms here are white and so is the ground, its clean and neat and it makes me feel a lot better than be4.
We just got a kitchen til now and a couch + some carpets.
So we still need a lot of things like the bed and plates 4 the kitchen but inshallah we will handle this soon.
Am just over the moon 2 finally have made the move :)

Egypt vs Algeria

Am not really into Football anymore though i have been wheni was 16 or so
But i guess no one in Egypt could have ignored this match :)
I have 2 say i supported also Algeria n i dont get why everone supports egypt ( i mean the non egyptian ones)
But well when Egypt won hell break free on the streets. I have seen things like this only when germany was near 2 win the world cup :)
The people had quite a lot of fun on the streets, dancing, celebrating and stoping cars.
I even saw a guy walking on a bus which was really weird.
Id be scared if i habged out of the car like a lot of guys did that night.
And my husband was annoyed that it took us 3,5 hours instead of 1,5 to get from downtown to october.
I gues we should have listend 2 our landlord and stayed home :)
But it was intresting being in the middle of it and alhamdulillah nothing bad happend to the car ( or us :P)

Monday, November 9, 2009

the pregnancy

I mentioned this topic be4 but decided 2 delay it until am sure everything is ok.
So i went 2 the doctor yesterday ( be4 all the drama) and she said all is fine.
Shes a nice old lady wearing niqb but i got some issues with her.

First her sonar is really old and gives not so good images
she doesnt take any blood or urine test..sint she supposed 2?

And the main thing is, she talks always 2 my husband in arabic expalining him what i should do..
Hello? iam the one who is pregnant so why does she tell my husband that i shouldnt wear high heels..why she doesnt tell me directly? ( she can speak english well)
I guess ill change the doctor as i cant relate 2 her when she doesnt tell me everything and doesnt make the tests that i expect from a good doctor.

Am in week 8 now and morning sickness got me well.
I feel so sick some days i just wanna stay n bed.
It feels like u ate something very bad and ur stomach goes crazy :S
I hope it goes away soon as im week 8 now and they say it leaves in week 12 inshallah

Anyone got tips against it?

pregnancy week by week


I have been pretty busy the last days and not always in a good way. A lot of things happend that were good and some that were very bad.
Last night there was a family meeting bcz of some issues between my mother in law n father in law. Well things got really bad and my husband got so stressed that he had a breakdown after was scary i can tell
I really thought it will turn out bad..but alhamdulillah he got better after just 1 hour
But ill never 4get this in my whole life, 2 see the person i love and the one whos spposed 2 take care of u (and ur kids) not recognizing anyone in the family and not able 2 breath.
I pray 2 Allah it will never happen again as its terrible and it made me not able 2 sleep all night cause of the worry he might fall into this again..

Alhamdulillah its ok now.
So we gonna move 2 the flat 2morrow inshallah and im gonna post some pics when its done :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Furniture hunt part 2

First i gotta say i removed some posts and ill talk about the topic again after some weeks when i know more, but no bad news :)

We still loking 4 furniture, though we fund some nice ones it seems it never works out.
Ther last few beds we liked would take lot of time 2 be delivered 2 us or are bad qulity. So now we ordered one from tawheed ( big mall everywhere in egypt)
Inshallah it will be done on thursday. We orderes a bed, closet, kitchen n couch.
i doubt it gonna work, but i hope it will, as new problems appeared.
We signed a renting contract 4 a house 1 month ago n we still didnt move there, so now the landlord gave us 1 week 2 move in otherwise the gas n water will not be instaled :S
I wish we can move there soon as i dont lke 2 be here all time anyway..

2nd thing am trying 2 get is a kitten. Shouldnt be so hard, but my husband wants it 2 be from the vet and this vet is just lazy ( downst seem he really wanna sell cats)
Inshallah 2night we gonna go 2 a new petshop in here 2 see what they got, if i dont find what am looking 4 ill propbaly have 2 relay onthe vet again.
We also gonna go 2 buy carpets 4 the house inshallah, as there is a shop with 50% discount here atm.

impressions of life in cairo

The tower of the nearest mosque here

Gas..still scary 4 me

near the nile in downtown ( no its not me )