Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday weve been 2 carrefour ( a big shopping center with everything 4 the house like food, plates, glasses n even clothes)
As ususal we spend quite a long time there even we wanted 2 buy just some food n some plates, all in all we were 2,5 hours there.
After all of this my back was acking n i got a big headache, but at least i found the ice cream i was craving 4 so long :)
I dont know if carrefour is the only one who sells sundays ( the ice cream) here?
We also bought fish filet, but i just discovered i have no idea how 2 make a meal out of that. I mean r the fish bones still in that filet or do i have 2 remove them?
Im just totally clueless about this, which mkaes me feel stupid as i think its common knowledge, isnt it?
So i gotta wait 4 my husband 2 come home and explain me how 2 do it ( i hope he knows)

Otherwise my Life isnt quite what i expected, always when we go out 2 enjoy ourself ( even if its just going 2 carrefour) we get a call from someone from his family about a new drama.
i know its not their choice that their life is going bad and they propably suffer more from it than me. But i just wish this would end, i cant take it that everyday new bad news and my husband in stress, tention n bad mood from it.It has an bad effect on us as it makes us argue 2..
We cant enjoy a new marriage life as its supposed 2 be, no going out just having some fun..
Its bugging me a lot and its bugging me more tha we cant do anything against it bcz the peope who do the trouble ( father in law, mother in law and 1 brother in law) dont even think about changing their ways and they dont care what they do 2 others with thier behaviour. The rest of the family has 2 suffer 4 their childish behaviour :S
Alhamdulllah my family isnt doing any stress on us.
But i wonder how can i bring a kid into this family?
i dont want my kid 2 be in this chaos and problems :(

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