Monday, April 26, 2010

Shopping while pregnant

Normally i love shopping ( especially baby clothes at the moment)
But right now going 2 buy clothes 4 myself is more like a nightmare.
Not only that i feel iam walking like a duck, i also see all those wonderfull clothes that are not fitting me anymore :S
I think im just tired of being pregnant, and alhamdulillah its just 7 weeks left.
Now when i go out i get tired very fast and im not so much intrested anymore to spend much time on looking at things for the flat or for the baby bcz it makes me exhausted.
When i went out on friday to buy something 2 wear i had real problems 2 find anything at all that would fit me.
I could buy trousers which are specially for pregnant, but they arent really islamic as they r tight and i dont like them much.
So i was looking for a maxi-dress, over which i could just wear a loose shirt to cover my arms.
Alhamdulillah after a long search i found one for 150 egyptian pound :)
I was also intrested to buy a butterfly-abaya, but my husband didnt liked the idea.
He said i look like a pigeon when i wear it :S
Well so now i just need 1 more abaya to wear in the pregnancy and than i think it should be ok for the next 7 weeks. I just have 2 dresses and 1 abaya at the moment to go out with.
I dont really feel attractive anymore with that big belly and always wearing the same clothes :S
I miss to wear nice clothes at home and skirts outside the home so i just pray that i will get in shape fast after the pregnancy, inshallah.

Yesterday i finally got to the doctor for the check up. First he checked my blood pressure and he checked it several times cause it was so low.
Than he made the ultrasound and honestly i dont really reconized much on the monitor.
When i finally thought i recognized the babys face and hands from the side, the doctor told us it was the face which was looking in the direction of the ultrasound.My husband too cant figure out what he sees on the ultrasound :)
Unfortunatly he wasnt able to get me a good picture of thebaby head ( i had asked him for one to send it to my father). But inshallah next time i will get a good picture, if the baby lays in a good position.
The doctor also checked my weight.
I gained 13 kg until now :(
This sounds too much for me, but he didnt commented much about it, so i guess its not too bad.
After all im happy the baby is fine and everything is going ok. Now i will have to make a blood test soon to see if everyhing is ok with the blood sugar and the iron in my body. Ima pretty scared of taking blood, its one of my biggest fears. But the laboratory here is really good and the take blood without hurting much, alhamdulillah. I guess i will make the test soon and i will have to fast about 6 hours before it. But that wont be too hard for me i think.
In any wayi thank Allah for giving me such a good going pregnancy.

Now 7 weeks left, i should prepare for giving birth, but i dont think about it too much bcz it scares me to think of it :)
It will come out anyway, so i think no need to worry so much about what COULD happen.
I believe in my strength, that all woman have when it comes to this topic, at least if u trust in Allah and in urself.
Inshallah everything will go fine and i just need to finish shopping the things that are still needed, so we be ready for our Son :)

May Allah bless all the pregnant woman out there who are going through hard times and having difficult pregnancys.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things i use every day

I guess i have too much free time these days :)
So i was thinking what i use every day that makes my days look like same?
And i realized there r not so many things that i use every single day.
These are what i could think of

Nescafe with Milk
I love it and drink it every day
Though only 1 - 2 cups while iam pregnant.
I just need Nescfae in the morning to make me happy :)

Lux Soap
I love this soap, it smells so good
Mostly i use the peachy one, its smells great
And as i have 2 make wudhu up to 5 times a day i use this soap a lot .

The prayer rug and Hijab
I use them every day for the prayer and i love my prayer rug.
I got it as a present when i was in Alex and i took it with me to germany, uk and now back to where its produced. Though the person who gave it to me bought it in saudia, so this prayer rug traveld a lot :)

My Mobile
These days i call my husband about 2 times a day to check on him as he comes home so late.
I also use it to note our shopping list and other things that just come to my mind ( things we need, quotes i suddenkly remember, songs i wanna remember).
I have a samsung corby and iam really happy with it. Its much easier to handle than the samsung omnia that my husband has ( i could never handle that one)
I also use it 2 take pictures or just 2 play :)

Make Up
I use mascara and eyeliner every day.
Not all day long but i use it before my husband comes home :)
Just trying to look good for my husband.
I actually use more make up at home and just a very less when i go out.

What about u, what do use every day?
If u answer it on ur blog let me know ( im curious :D)

A good Muslim?

Iam pregnant now about 32 week which means only about 18 weeks to go. Time to get nervous and finish all the little details :)
Now i get email every week which tell me about the development about my baby and what coiuld be going on with me. Its really intresting to know how much ur baby might weight and whats the newest development.
Now this week the mail told me things like the babys weight is supposed to be around 4 Pound and it is about 17 inches long (ca. 43cm..sounds huuugeeee).
Something else they said was really surprising me as i didnt feel that its like that.
They said: Your baby sleeps approximately 90 to 95 percent of the day now
My little one is sometimes very active for 1 or 2 days and than again lazy for the same time period.
But he is always awake and kicking at the prayer time, which make me wonder if all babys do that and we just dont recognize? Or is it a good sign that he will be a good muslim?
Ill just stay with the 2nd thought and hope its a good sign that he will be a good muslim, inshallah.
I missed my doctors appointment last weekend, so i dont really know how much weight i gained til now and whats new. But iam sure everything is ok as i feel better than before and im taking a lot of rest.
Actually i dont wanna know how much weight i gained :)
Im sure it will be 2 much as i cant stay away from sweets these days.
But i really start to miss doing sports, so i still got the hope that all that extra weight wont stay long after giving birth, inshallah.
My sister in law needed about 3 months to get back in shape after having her 2nd daughter and she didnt do any kind of sports.
But i know myself, i gain weight easily and have 2 work hard to loose it. I got that from my mummy as my dad can eat what he wants without gaining weight, lucky him.

Plzzzzz answer my Poll up there in the right Corner :)
Id like to know what u think of the Name Fares. Since iam not arabic and i have no Idea about this Names id like to know if u think it sounds good or bad and if its a good Name to choose?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who is scared of spiders?

Iam scared to death of spiders
I know theres no reason to be scared of them, most of them arent dangerous and they are probably more scared of me than iam of them.
But still when i seea big spider on the wall i just wanna run away and wait til my husband removes it.
These days there are a lot of spiders coming into our apartment, i guess they are hiding from the heat that is outside. Alhamdulillah they are still small spiders, though they still look scary.
But i can remove them by myself.
If they were bigger that would be a problem, cause than i would need 2 wait for my husband to do it and hes not much home these days :S
About 2 weeks ago we had a dung beetle in the house and it scared me like hell.
First i just heard a noise under the bed and thought its a mouse, but i couldnt see anything under the bed. Some min later i saw the beetle next to the bed and i directly went to get a glass to put it over it, so it cant run away.
At that time i didnt know its not dangerous as i never have seen one before and the size of it was really scary to me.
So i waited the 2 hours til my husband come home 2 throw it out of the house. Every 5 min i was checking if its still there and didnt manage to escape somehow.
Im not this scared of mouse or rats, cause i know they will run away from human.
Its tsrange actually that iam this scared of bugs ( especially spiders) cause i remember that when i was a kid i used to catch them and play with them.
Now i cant even watch pictures of spider without feeling very uncomfortable.
I planned on attaching a picture of a spider 2 this post, but i couldnt handle to watch spider pictures more than 2 min. It made me feel like they might be around me now :S

Are u scared of spiders, or u sont mind seing them in ur house?

baby shopping again

A few days ago i went to Carrefour (after begging my husband :D)
And these days they have so many cute Babyclothes, i could just buy all of them .
But i had 2 keep myself so i bought just 3 items.
I just love the baby clothes from Disney they are super cute :)
Inshallah i will buy another 3 of the babybodys soon and than i have nearly everything ill need for the baby. Only the bed is missing, but thats my husbands buisness 2 bring it.

The Clothes with the Bee atracted me since longer time and i finally decided 2 buy them.
I think they will be looking so cute on my little baby boy :)

I nearly bought a pink babybody 2 but i decided it would be bad if people ask me if our son is a girl :S
My husband though would have bought it bcz i told him i love the colour :)

Im a bit sad that my family in law doesnt show much of intrest but im sure it will change whenthe baby is born,inshallah :)
My mother on the other side seems to already go shopping for the baby :D
She always asks me what i still need and she will bring it when she comes to visit.

We also finally got pretty sure about a name alhamdulillah
Its 99% sure that his name will be Fares :)
My husband and me liked that name when we first got to know that iam pregnant.
And i think as it was our first thought, maybe it was the right one.
Well i think we will finally decide when we see him for the first time:)

This are the things i bought for him

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My home town

Since some days i start to miss my home -city.
I just miss the park where i used to spend time since im a little kid, the beach where i went 2 swim and took long walks. I miss my family and i miss the shops where u can buy all those things that arent available here.

Still iam happy 2 live here.
My new life is here, my husband, my family in law and my baby will grow up here :)

So im gonna introduce my home-city to u.
Maybe if anyone of u ever gonna make holiday in germany, u can visit it as its a tourist city :)

The name of my home-city is Husum.
In my city are living about 20.000 people, so its not a big city at all, especially compared to cairo.
Still there are a lot of things to see if u visit it.
For me, the most amazing place there is the castle park.
The park is surrounding a castle, where wifes of some high danish lords went to live after their husband died. of course that was in the past and now there is a museum in the castle.
But thats not the highlight of the park.
Every year in spring the park turns violet from all the crocus that are growing everywhere.
A lot of people come to husum just to see this amazing event.
The crocus have been planted in the past by monks who used them to colour their robes.

Husum is directly beside the north sea so u can go to the sea every day if u please to.
There are also several special places where u can go swimming in the sea in the summer.
The only thiong that keep u from swimming is that the water isnt there all the time :)
We have tides, which means that every 6 hours the water goes and than again after 6 hours it comes back.
Even u cant swim when the water is gone there is the possibility to take a walk on the mudflap, but only with a proffesional, who knows where to go.
A lot of people get in trouble when they go out in the madflap alone and they wether get surprised by the water coming back or bcz the they tap into places where u can sinck into the mud. I once went about 100 m out in the mud and i sank into it to my hips and it was really hard to get out of it again :)

My city is famous for the poet theodor storm.
He wrote a lot of novells, like Immensee and Pole Poppenspeeler and also a lot of poems.
My favourite poem from him is about husum, in that one he decribes the city very accurate.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sugar Rush

The last few days i didnt ate any sweets, but 2day i got so hungry on chocolate that i went to the shop n bought 2 Moro.

Moro is Nougat and Caramel coated with Cadburry Dairy Milk chocolate. One Moro has 206 kcal and 7.8 gr Fat Not healthy but tasty :)

I ate them both at once n i feel i shouldnt have.
That was just too much sugar after some days sugar abstinence.
Normally i eat a bit of chocolates ( or other sweets) every day, at least since iam pregnant.
Be4 i used to eat a small piece of chocolate every 2nd or 3rd day.
Iam just addicted 2 chocolate especially galaxy ( cookie crumble), Rittersport ( yogurt) and Toblerone. Since Rittersport yogurt isnt available in egypt and toblerone is hard 2 get i mostly take galaxy or something called pepita.
My husband though isnt found of chocolate, i guess its just a "woman thing" to be so found of chocolate. All females i know ( except my mother) love chocolate :)
I like anything to do with it like hot chocolate, chocolate milkshake, brownies or chocolate cake (hells temptation is the best!).

When i was a kid i ate only white chocolate and my mum had a hard time finding Easter-Bunnys in white chocolate :)
My taste changed when i became a teenager and since than i love milk chocolate.
I dont like dark chocolate at all, its just not sweet enough 4 me. Though i still like white chocolate i would always prefer milky one and here in egypt its hard 2 find a good quality white chocolate.

My fav chocolate cake
Hells Temptation

U need:
175 g dark Chocolate
250 g Butter
4 eggs
100 gr brown sugar
75 g white sugar
1 Teaspoons Butter vanilla flavoring
250 g Flour
100 g chocolate-powder
2 Teaspoons Backing-powder
1 Teaspoons Sodium
1 pinch Salt
350 g Sour cream
250 g dark chocolate
50 g Butter
200 ml cream

1. Melt the 175 gr dark chocolate in water-bath.

2. Meanwhile grease a spring form of 26 cm in diameter,put it at a cold place.

3. Now stir the melted chocolate with 250 gr butter.
Put the mix aside and heat the oven on 200 degree celsious.

4. Mix the flour, backing-powder, sodium and salt. Put it aside.

5. Now put the eggs ina bowl and add the brown sugar and the white sugar while stirring it.
Now add the chocolate-butter and mix it.

6. Add the flour mix and the sour cream and stir it all well.

7. Put the mix in the spring form and bake it in the oven for 35 - 40 min

8. After the backing let it cool in the spring form.

9. Meanwhile melt the left over chocolate (250 gr ) in water-bath. Gradually add the butter and
than the cream til its becomes a a uniform, smooth and nice shiny Cream. If its 2 soft let it cool 4 some min.

10. When the cake is cool down, get it out of the sprig form carefully.
Now cut the cake 1 time diagonally and fill it with some of the chocolate cream and put it back together.
Than rake the cake with the rest of the chocolate cream.

Best way 2 keep it is in the fridge, but get it out before eating so it will be not 2 cold.

Monday, April 12, 2010


After finishing highschool i had the unique chance to spend some time in Pakistan.
I was there for 1,5 months and i stayed with a nice family in a small city in the north of Pakistan. The time i spend there was in the winter, so alhamdulillah it wasnt so hot when i was there.
Pakistan (just as India) has a very bad image here in the arab countrys. In generell most arabs think indians/pakistanis are dirty and are all worshipping cows. Still a lot of woman here love to watch the Bollywood movies.
Sadly they dont know much about the healthy indian food, the colourfull culture and that a lot of people there are even muslims.

Pakistan had been indeed a part of India until the muslims of India decided to seperate from the rest of the country to build their own State called Pakistan.
Since than they had 2 fight for their right of independence and until today Pakistan and India have a huge Disput with each other.
India is most famous for their colourfull Movies produced by the Bollywood Industry.
Though this country has to offer much more than that.
One of the greatest offers India has, is the Food which is healthy and rich of Spices.
Since pkaistan has been a part of India the cuisine is almost the same, except for the fact that inPakistan the Pig meat is replaced by Cow meat since Muslims dont eat Pig meat.
Also the landscapes in both countrys are breath-taking.
No one would expect Hills covered with Snow in this counrtys which are mostly known to be hot and full of jungles.
Even this countrys are still 3rd World countrys, they have a lot to offer and they import many goods all around the world.
Once of the most imported goods from India and Pakistan are Spices such as Cardamom, Cinnamon, Safran and many more.
Also the famous curry has been found in India, though not by Indians but by British. They tryd to get the taste they got to know inIndia and so they invented this mixture of Spices called Curry.
If you ask for Curry in India they will propably offer you a complete Meal. Curry stands in India for a Meal, wether vegetables or Meat, cooked with Safran and in most cases with coconut milk.
Another thing that became very popular in the last years and that is original Indian, is Yoga.
Yoga has been, since centurys, a way to meditate and to train your muscles.
India and Pakistan ahve a lot to offer and a lot to see.
A travek there is certainly no waste and it will open your eyes to a world you wouldnt expect :)

I wish i could go again to Pakistan 2 meet all the nice and lovly people again, but i dont think that gonna happen.
Still it was a great experience that i dont wanna miss and iam glad 2 share some pics of this with u, i hope u enjoy it :)

The traditional Pakistani Dress for males

Lake lalasar

Sunday, April 11, 2010


On the 31.12.2008 i went from Cairo to Alexandria by Train.
Alhamdulillah i had a friend there who organised a flat for me.
Before i lived with my aupair family in Cairo/Gizeh but my time there was over and i wanted to stay a bit in egypt :)

The Travel to Alex wasnt 2 bad as i had a 1st class ticket for the train. The trains here arent so nice normally but i had luck i guess and they are way better than the microbusses.
(Microbusses are like the most dangerous thing after the tuck tuck here in egypt. They drive as fast as possible and have a lot of accidents)
When i reached in Alex my friend directly took me to the flat so i could sign the contract.
The flat had 2 bedrooms, was furnitured and located in miyami which is a good place 2 be as a foreigner. I didnt expect that the place where i live would be this good connected 2 malls and even internet cafes. Alhamdulillah it was really a blessing.

I stayed in Alex about 3 months, from which i stayed only 1 month in this flat and then moved 2 another one cause in the first one was no hot water and no washing machine which was quite annoying sometimes.Another thing that was really annoying me in that flat, and also in the next one was that i didnt get a key for the main door. That meant i ahd 2 wait til the doorman opend the door in the morning n i had 2 be home before he locked it up at night.
Alhamdulillah the doorman in my 2nd flat, mustafa, was opening quite early and locking up at night not 2 early. he was in generell a very nice person and so was his family ( though they didnt understood english at all :)

This flat wasnt as nice as the other one when it comes 2 the furniture but it had the necessary hot water and was simply safer for me.
In the time that i stayed there i spend a lot of time at the beach and i just got 2 love it.
It was winter time, so there havent been much people at the beach. Still there have been some male individuals who obviously love 2 pester females.
They just keep following u n trying 2 talk 2 u.
I made the mistake 2 answer them by saying "emshi" ( go away) or other stuff ( dont really remember) which didnt made them go away. Now i know that i shouldnt have answered them, my husband informed me that "any" answer will show them that u r intrested. You should just not answer and not look at them 2 show them u dont want any contact 2 them.

The rest of the time i used 2 study arabic, wether alone or with my friend who acted as my arabic teacher :)
In that time i learned 2 read and write arabic, which helps me now a lot.
Mostly we met in a cafe and studyd there. My favourite cafe is the Moonlight which is located in the beginning in the 45 Street in Miyami ( Maybe that helps any of u :D)
I really enjoyed this time without much responsebilitys. The money for the flat and my lifestyle came from my father.
( he still pays some money 2 me which he should have paid wheni was a kid)

After this time in Alex i longed to live in egypt again but for longer time and with a real job.
So when i left 2 germany i had the plan 2 come back and work here :)
Obviously plans dont always work the way u want, as iam here and but dont work.
But alhamdulillah i came to the place i wanted and even got married.
But i wish 2 visit alex again, as i miss the sea and the nice air there.
My family in law has a house there, so maybe we gonna go there some time :)
I hope so, and until than i can still watch the pics of my time in alex.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Are u serious?

Some time ago i set up a new email adress which i use only for real estate and work, since i dont like 2 mix up private and work all the time.
It already been usefull to me when i was writing 2 some clients of my husband about flats. I wrote them bcz they were german, so it was easier for them 2 communicate with me in german than with my husband in english :)

I also gave his mail on a site where i put an add, looking for a job which i can from home.
And 2day i got a really strange email and i guess that person got my email there.
First i thought its some kind of joke, but propably this person is serious about his words.In the first the mailsounds like i have written 2 him before so i tryd 2 remember, but as i went on reading, it became sure that i for sure havent written 2 this individual!
I cant believe people are like this at all, its just discusting.
But well, see urself. This is what he wrote me:

T M to me (
I'm visiting cairo now and saw ur AD; You sound a cool well educated female and I'm sure that time with you will be fun; I thought that I will be lucky if you accepted to spend PRIVATE time together where I enjoy you as a person and as a sexy female. I'm sure that you will have also good time with me and as partners will appreciate you financially in a very good and respected way.Please think about it and you can ask me anything you like and I promise to respect privacy and of course will do my best so you have fun time.

Take care

Well this person propably doesnt know iam a muslim, married and pregnant in the 8th month.
But why writing this 2 a female u dont know anyway?
Seriously, how can someone sent a mail like this 2 a add where a female is looking for a homejob?
If hes lookign for "this kinda things", than that is for sure the wrong place.
Not 2 mention thats its discusting anyway. If he has "needs" he could get married and didnt need 2 be this pevert, annoying woman he doesnt know with his mails.

Alhamdulillah i dont have anything 2 do with this kinda ppl n just have female friends, that makes life a lot easier :)
Am so happy 2 have all these wonderfull woman in my life, even they all live far away from me, i know they r trustfull muslimas onwho i always can depend.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trust and Forgiveness

There are less people that i trust completly, i actually can count them with one Hand.
There would be my Husband, my Mother, my Uncle and my best Friend.
These are the people that i trust because time showed that i can trust them and i think it would be sad if i didnt trust my mother or my husband, wouldnt it?
For me trust needs time 2 develope and i trust people when its proved that this certain person doesnt act against me. That doesnt mean i suspect bad things from people i get 2 know, but i wouldnt for example trust them 2 help me when iam really in trouble.

I trust my husband that he wont cheat on me, though it would be so easy for him.
He spends a lot of time out of he house and he passes by places where he easily could meet any nice girls. Im sure he sees a lot of beautifull girls when hes heading from one work-place 2 another.
But i trust he would never flirt with them or exchange numbers.
I know he chatted with a lot of girls before we got married and though he stoped 2 chat at all, he didnt delete them cause he didnt wanted 2 hide anything from me.
Being open and telling each other if anything happens strenghtens our trust 2 each other.

My husband on the other side has another theory about trust.
When he meet anyone new, he tests them and if they pass it, he trusts them.
He said that a person can always betray u, no matter how long u know them. But if u test them u can be more secure that they wont cheat u.
Not a bad theory i think, though i wouldnt adjust 2 it, as i dont like 2 test people.

But what happens if someone broke ur trust?
Can u forgive and trust them again or u wont trust them ever again.
Just some days ago i read something that made me think about this and i think its a very wise saying ( its in german,but i translated it)
" If u like a human, than u have 2 understand him. And not see his mistakes here, there and everywhere. Look at it with love and forgive. Are u are also not free of mistakes. Think about how many times in life people have forgiven u "
Its from my Uncle and hes completly right.
I dont stop trusting just because i got dissappointed once, though it may be hard, i would try 2 forgive and trust this person again.
Of course my trust would be less for some time and if his person breaks my trust again it might vanish. But i would forgive him and still trust, as i wish he would do the same when i did a mistake.

Sure this doesnt work if that certain person hurted u in purpose and in a very bad way. And if that person doesnt care just like he/she doesnt apologize. Than it would be hard 2 forgive and trust again. And maybe it would be even impossible.

Try ur best to forgive people who hurt u and to trust the people close to u.
It will not only make u seem a better person but it will also make u more happy and satisfied with life.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Searching a job..

When i got married i thought am not gonna work, i actually always wanted 2 be a housewife.
But i discovered that at the moment its not enough for me.
Im staying home all day and i have nothing 2 do except a little cooking and cleaning.
Inshallah when the baby is there and when we moved 2 our house ( pary that it will finish soooon)
i will have more 2 do so maybe ill not work.
But righ now im looking for any job which i can do from home.
Just anything which will keep me busy a few hours a day n which will give me some money for myself :)
Its not that easy though to find a job like that here in egypt.
Im searching online and i searched a lot of websites already and applyd for several jobs.
Most companys dont even answer :S
But i got one email 2day where igot invited for an interview 2morrow. The problem is i dont know if i can do that job from home or i have 2 do it in their office?
Its something about customer service.
I wish i will find anything fitting for me fast.

The other thing i struggle with is finding friends here.
Since i cant drive i need 2 find people whihc are living here next 2 me so i can meet them, without my husband driving me.
I was supposed 2 meet someone 2day in citystars but my husband cant drive me :S
So i added a lot of girls on facebook who are supposed 2 live here :)
Its definetly not easy 2 meet people if u dont go out a lot.
And wher ei live is nothing going on, its so boring here :S
There are just 2 cafes and no clubs wher ei could go, not even courses which i could attend.
All of that is in downtown and i just cant go there on my own, at least not when iam pregnant like this ( inshallah after brith i will earn 2 do it!)
So iam hoping, wishing, praying that fb will help me 2 get 2 know some nice grils from here, who i can meet and have some fun with :)

Note: I have 2 learn driving! HAVE TO!
Its annoying 2 depend on my husband 2 drive me where i wanna go and public transportationisnt really the best in here :(
( On the other side am scared the car will stop somewhere when i drive and ill be lost :S)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Life goes on..

Do u know when u feel like its over?
Like u cant go on?
Well life always goes on
At least thats my experience :)
I felt like that several times since i came 2 egypt but life always goes on
After bad times, good times come around, alhamdulillah.
I had many arguments with my husband, sometimes about stupid little things and sometimes about really important things.
And though sometimes i felt like its over n i have 2 leave, iam still here :)
Marriage is a lot harder than i thought, its a whole lot of work!

I know that arguments will happen again n that bad times may come around, but i pray that we will stay strong and stay 2gether, inshallah.
A big issue we had ( still have) is that i want 2 go out and he doesnt.
Its not like i wanna go out every day and 2 special places.
I just wanna go once or twice a week 2 a cafe near our house ( quite cheap, alhamdulillah)
Just 2 get out and not stay home all the time.
But my husband loves 2 stay home, hes a real couch potatoe :)
We both still need 2 work on ourselfs and work on our marriage, inshallah.

2day he accepted 2 go n buy some stuff from Abu Zekry ( a food shop)
so we went there and bought some food we needed aaannnndd
Chocolate for me :)
I found a new sweet 2 satisfy my sweets addiction
Its called PAPITA
and its a mix of chocolate, milk cream and cookie
Its really cheap with the price of 1.30 eg pound which is less than half euro!
(Galaxy coasts about 4 pound in same size)

Thats it :D

Sunday, April 4, 2010

An egyptian wedding

On Friday i attended my first egyptian marriage :)
It was really nice and the arrangements were great.
The One who married was the cousin of my husband, who is considered the most beautifull girl in the family :)
She looked great in her dress, mashallah
And i have 2 say egyptian weddings are much better than german ones. More entertaining and more fun.
The couple was dancing all the time. i dont know how they managed that, after all it was more than 5 hours of dancing for them :)
And they both seemed so happy, inshallah they will have a great life 2gether!

The Entrance with the guest book

The room where the wedding took place

The top of the room

Friday, April 2, 2010



Getting married is like going to a restaurant with friends. You order what you want, then when you see what the other fellow has, you wish you had ordered that.


At the cocktail party, one woman said to another, "Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger??" The other replied, "Yes, I am. I married the wrong man."


Before a man is married, he is incomplete. Then when he is married, he is finished.


Marriage is an institution in which a man losses his bachelor's degree and the woman gets her master's status.


A little boy asked his father, "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married??" And the father replied, "I don't know son, I'm

still paying for it."


Young son : "Is it true, Dad, I heard that in some parts of Africa, a man doesn't know his wife until he marries her?"

Dad : "That happens in most countries son."


Then there was a man who said, "I never knew what real happiness was until I got married, and then it was too late."


A happy marriage is a matter of give and take; the husband gives and the wife takes


When a newly married man looks happy, we know why. But when a ten-year married man looks happy, we wonder why. Affair ?

#CASE 10

In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens. In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens. In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.

#CASE 11

After a quarrel, a wife said to her husband, "You know, I was a fool when I married you." And the Husband replied, "Yes, dear, but I was in love and didn't notice it."

#CASE 12

A man inserted an 'ad' in the classified : "Wife wanted". The next day, he received hundreds letters. They all said the same thing "You can have mine."

#CASE 13

When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing : either the car is new or his wife is new.

#CASE 14

A woman was telling her friend : "It is I who made my husband a millionaire."

"And what was he before you married him?" the friend asked. The woman replied, "A Billionaire."

True or Not ?