Sunday, April 11, 2010


On the 31.12.2008 i went from Cairo to Alexandria by Train.
Alhamdulillah i had a friend there who organised a flat for me.
Before i lived with my aupair family in Cairo/Gizeh but my time there was over and i wanted to stay a bit in egypt :)

The Travel to Alex wasnt 2 bad as i had a 1st class ticket for the train. The trains here arent so nice normally but i had luck i guess and they are way better than the microbusses.
(Microbusses are like the most dangerous thing after the tuck tuck here in egypt. They drive as fast as possible and have a lot of accidents)
When i reached in Alex my friend directly took me to the flat so i could sign the contract.
The flat had 2 bedrooms, was furnitured and located in miyami which is a good place 2 be as a foreigner. I didnt expect that the place where i live would be this good connected 2 malls and even internet cafes. Alhamdulillah it was really a blessing.

I stayed in Alex about 3 months, from which i stayed only 1 month in this flat and then moved 2 another one cause in the first one was no hot water and no washing machine which was quite annoying sometimes.Another thing that was really annoying me in that flat, and also in the next one was that i didnt get a key for the main door. That meant i ahd 2 wait til the doorman opend the door in the morning n i had 2 be home before he locked it up at night.
Alhamdulillah the doorman in my 2nd flat, mustafa, was opening quite early and locking up at night not 2 early. he was in generell a very nice person and so was his family ( though they didnt understood english at all :)

This flat wasnt as nice as the other one when it comes 2 the furniture but it had the necessary hot water and was simply safer for me.
In the time that i stayed there i spend a lot of time at the beach and i just got 2 love it.
It was winter time, so there havent been much people at the beach. Still there have been some male individuals who obviously love 2 pester females.
They just keep following u n trying 2 talk 2 u.
I made the mistake 2 answer them by saying "emshi" ( go away) or other stuff ( dont really remember) which didnt made them go away. Now i know that i shouldnt have answered them, my husband informed me that "any" answer will show them that u r intrested. You should just not answer and not look at them 2 show them u dont want any contact 2 them.

The rest of the time i used 2 study arabic, wether alone or with my friend who acted as my arabic teacher :)
In that time i learned 2 read and write arabic, which helps me now a lot.
Mostly we met in a cafe and studyd there. My favourite cafe is the Moonlight which is located in the beginning in the 45 Street in Miyami ( Maybe that helps any of u :D)
I really enjoyed this time without much responsebilitys. The money for the flat and my lifestyle came from my father.
( he still pays some money 2 me which he should have paid wheni was a kid)

After this time in Alex i longed to live in egypt again but for longer time and with a real job.
So when i left 2 germany i had the plan 2 come back and work here :)
Obviously plans dont always work the way u want, as iam here and but dont work.
But alhamdulillah i came to the place i wanted and even got married.
But i wish 2 visit alex again, as i miss the sea and the nice air there.
My family in law has a house there, so maybe we gonna go there some time :)
I hope so, and until than i can still watch the pics of my time in alex.

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