Saturday, April 10, 2010

Are u serious?

Some time ago i set up a new email adress which i use only for real estate and work, since i dont like 2 mix up private and work all the time.
It already been usefull to me when i was writing 2 some clients of my husband about flats. I wrote them bcz they were german, so it was easier for them 2 communicate with me in german than with my husband in english :)

I also gave his mail on a site where i put an add, looking for a job which i can from home.
And 2day i got a really strange email and i guess that person got my email there.
First i thought its some kind of joke, but propably this person is serious about his words.In the first the mailsounds like i have written 2 him before so i tryd 2 remember, but as i went on reading, it became sure that i for sure havent written 2 this individual!
I cant believe people are like this at all, its just discusting.
But well, see urself. This is what he wrote me:

T M to me (
I'm visiting cairo now and saw ur AD; You sound a cool well educated female and I'm sure that time with you will be fun; I thought that I will be lucky if you accepted to spend PRIVATE time together where I enjoy you as a person and as a sexy female. I'm sure that you will have also good time with me and as partners will appreciate you financially in a very good and respected way.Please think about it and you can ask me anything you like and I promise to respect privacy and of course will do my best so you have fun time.

Take care

Well this person propably doesnt know iam a muslim, married and pregnant in the 8th month.
But why writing this 2 a female u dont know anyway?
Seriously, how can someone sent a mail like this 2 a add where a female is looking for a homejob?
If hes lookign for "this kinda things", than that is for sure the wrong place.
Not 2 mention thats its discusting anyway. If he has "needs" he could get married and didnt need 2 be this pevert, annoying woman he doesnt know with his mails.

Alhamdulillah i dont have anything 2 do with this kinda ppl n just have female friends, that makes life a lot easier :)
Am so happy 2 have all these wonderfull woman in my life, even they all live far away from me, i know they r trustfull muslimas onwho i always can depend.
Have a nice weekend everyone.


.::Tuttie::. said...

sickos. some people are trolls and some people want to see how far they can go. Thats why spammers will keep doing what they are doing because some people give in. its that simple.

that being said GROSS. EWWW.

Anonymous said...

Forward this email to the police. This person is bothering you a lot of people in the same matter. He is writing from a location in Dubai. Dubai Police would be pleased to hunt such guys down!