Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things i use every day

I guess i have too much free time these days :)
So i was thinking what i use every day that makes my days look like same?
And i realized there r not so many things that i use every single day.
These are what i could think of

Nescafe with Milk
I love it and drink it every day
Though only 1 - 2 cups while iam pregnant.
I just need Nescfae in the morning to make me happy :)

Lux Soap
I love this soap, it smells so good
Mostly i use the peachy one, its smells great
And as i have 2 make wudhu up to 5 times a day i use this soap a lot .

The prayer rug and Hijab
I use them every day for the prayer and i love my prayer rug.
I got it as a present when i was in Alex and i took it with me to germany, uk and now back to where its produced. Though the person who gave it to me bought it in saudia, so this prayer rug traveld a lot :)

My Mobile
These days i call my husband about 2 times a day to check on him as he comes home so late.
I also use it to note our shopping list and other things that just come to my mind ( things we need, quotes i suddenkly remember, songs i wanna remember).
I have a samsung corby and iam really happy with it. Its much easier to handle than the samsung omnia that my husband has ( i could never handle that one)
I also use it 2 take pictures or just 2 play :)

Make Up
I use mascara and eyeliner every day.
Not all day long but i use it before my husband comes home :)
Just trying to look good for my husband.
I actually use more make up at home and just a very less when i go out.

What about u, what do use every day?
If u answer it on ur blog let me know ( im curious :D)


Anonymous said...

Like your blog! What i use everyday: Tea (less by now because i'm also pregnant), Hijab and prayer rug, my not-tested-on-animals soap, perfume (only when i stay at home) and books.

BaTaBeeT said...

I am sooooo answering that on my blog :D will let you know when I do