Monday, April 5, 2010

Life goes on..

Do u know when u feel like its over?
Like u cant go on?
Well life always goes on
At least thats my experience :)
I felt like that several times since i came 2 egypt but life always goes on
After bad times, good times come around, alhamdulillah.
I had many arguments with my husband, sometimes about stupid little things and sometimes about really important things.
And though sometimes i felt like its over n i have 2 leave, iam still here :)
Marriage is a lot harder than i thought, its a whole lot of work!

I know that arguments will happen again n that bad times may come around, but i pray that we will stay strong and stay 2gether, inshallah.
A big issue we had ( still have) is that i want 2 go out and he doesnt.
Its not like i wanna go out every day and 2 special places.
I just wanna go once or twice a week 2 a cafe near our house ( quite cheap, alhamdulillah)
Just 2 get out and not stay home all the time.
But my husband loves 2 stay home, hes a real couch potatoe :)
We both still need 2 work on ourselfs and work on our marriage, inshallah.

2day he accepted 2 go n buy some stuff from Abu Zekry ( a food shop)
so we went there and bought some food we needed aaannnndd
Chocolate for me :)
I found a new sweet 2 satisfy my sweets addiction
Its called PAPITA
and its a mix of chocolate, milk cream and cookie
Its really cheap with the price of 1.30 eg pound which is less than half euro!
(Galaxy coasts about 4 pound in same size)

Thats it :D

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