Thursday, April 22, 2010

A good Muslim?

Iam pregnant now about 32 week which means only about 18 weeks to go. Time to get nervous and finish all the little details :)
Now i get email every week which tell me about the development about my baby and what coiuld be going on with me. Its really intresting to know how much ur baby might weight and whats the newest development.
Now this week the mail told me things like the babys weight is supposed to be around 4 Pound and it is about 17 inches long (ca. 43cm..sounds huuugeeee).
Something else they said was really surprising me as i didnt feel that its like that.
They said: Your baby sleeps approximately 90 to 95 percent of the day now
My little one is sometimes very active for 1 or 2 days and than again lazy for the same time period.
But he is always awake and kicking at the prayer time, which make me wonder if all babys do that and we just dont recognize? Or is it a good sign that he will be a good muslim?
Ill just stay with the 2nd thought and hope its a good sign that he will be a good muslim, inshallah.
I missed my doctors appointment last weekend, so i dont really know how much weight i gained til now and whats new. But iam sure everything is ok as i feel better than before and im taking a lot of rest.
Actually i dont wanna know how much weight i gained :)
Im sure it will be 2 much as i cant stay away from sweets these days.
But i really start to miss doing sports, so i still got the hope that all that extra weight wont stay long after giving birth, inshallah.
My sister in law needed about 3 months to get back in shape after having her 2nd daughter and she didnt do any kind of sports.
But i know myself, i gain weight easily and have 2 work hard to loose it. I got that from my mummy as my dad can eat what he wants without gaining weight, lucky him.

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Id like to know what u think of the Name Fares. Since iam not arabic and i have no Idea about this Names id like to know if u think it sounds good or bad and if its a good Name to choose?

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Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

How exciting, 8 weeks left!
I can relate to having a sweet tooth. My doctor nearly bit my head off at my last weigh in (26 pounds in 12 weeks, eeek!) I also love to be active and have a hard time losing weight. Im already stressing about the 50 pounds Im going to have to lose once the baby is here! (I gained 10 pounds before the baby was born that I was trying to lose) and Im estimating ill gain another 8 pounds or so. I take after my dad (slow metabolism, where as my mom and sister can eat whatever and never gain a pound! So jealous =)