Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Searching a job..

When i got married i thought am not gonna work, i actually always wanted 2 be a housewife.
But i discovered that at the moment its not enough for me.
Im staying home all day and i have nothing 2 do except a little cooking and cleaning.
Inshallah when the baby is there and when we moved 2 our house ( pary that it will finish soooon)
i will have more 2 do so maybe ill not work.
But righ now im looking for any job which i can do from home.
Just anything which will keep me busy a few hours a day n which will give me some money for myself :)
Its not that easy though to find a job like that here in egypt.
Im searching online and i searched a lot of websites already and applyd for several jobs.
Most companys dont even answer :S
But i got one email 2day where igot invited for an interview 2morrow. The problem is i dont know if i can do that job from home or i have 2 do it in their office?
Its something about customer service.
I wish i will find anything fitting for me fast.

The other thing i struggle with is finding friends here.
Since i cant drive i need 2 find people whihc are living here next 2 me so i can meet them, without my husband driving me.
I was supposed 2 meet someone 2day in citystars but my husband cant drive me :S
So i added a lot of girls on facebook who are supposed 2 live here :)
Its definetly not easy 2 meet people if u dont go out a lot.
And wher ei live is nothing going on, its so boring here :S
There are just 2 cafes and no clubs wher ei could go, not even courses which i could attend.
All of that is in downtown and i just cant go there on my own, at least not when iam pregnant like this ( inshallah after brith i will earn 2 do it!)
So iam hoping, wishing, praying that fb will help me 2 get 2 know some nice grils from here, who i can meet and have some fun with :)

Note: I have 2 learn driving! HAVE TO!
Its annoying 2 depend on my husband 2 drive me where i wanna go and public transportationisnt really the best in here :(
( On the other side am scared the car will stop somewhere when i drive and ill be lost :S)

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