Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who is scared of spiders?

Iam scared to death of spiders
I know theres no reason to be scared of them, most of them arent dangerous and they are probably more scared of me than iam of them.
But still when i seea big spider on the wall i just wanna run away and wait til my husband removes it.
These days there are a lot of spiders coming into our apartment, i guess they are hiding from the heat that is outside. Alhamdulillah they are still small spiders, though they still look scary.
But i can remove them by myself.
If they were bigger that would be a problem, cause than i would need 2 wait for my husband to do it and hes not much home these days :S
About 2 weeks ago we had a dung beetle in the house and it scared me like hell.
First i just heard a noise under the bed and thought its a mouse, but i couldnt see anything under the bed. Some min later i saw the beetle next to the bed and i directly went to get a glass to put it over it, so it cant run away.
At that time i didnt know its not dangerous as i never have seen one before and the size of it was really scary to me.
So i waited the 2 hours til my husband come home 2 throw it out of the house. Every 5 min i was checking if its still there and didnt manage to escape somehow.
Im not this scared of mouse or rats, cause i know they will run away from human.
Its tsrange actually that iam this scared of bugs ( especially spiders) cause i remember that when i was a kid i used to catch them and play with them.
Now i cant even watch pictures of spider without feeling very uncomfortable.
I planned on attaching a picture of a spider 2 this post, but i couldnt handle to watch spider pictures more than 2 min. It made me feel like they might be around me now :S

Are u scared of spiders, or u sont mind seing them in ur house?


Amira said...

lol I'm like you. I'm scared of most bugs even when i know they are harmless.

Mimisha said...

maybe thats just our nature :D

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

Salaam Alaikum!

Eeek, Spiders! Just the mention of them sends shivers down my body. I have a huge phobia of spiders! Before I got married and was living at home, I refused to sleep in my room weeks after I found a spider in my room. My dad once told me they will not bother me and will only stay on the ceiling, Wrong! I found one crawling on my bedspread and almost had a panic attack, hence no sleeping in my room until its dead lol. They are quick creatures, one night years ago I was about to go to sleep, I was exhausted and was just about to crawl into bed when I almost walk right into a spider dangling from its web (just missed my face). I screamed and ran out of my room so fast. The next day it was gone, but I wasnt fooled, I knew it had to be hiding somewhere in the carpet, my bed etc so I slept downstairs for 2 weeks lol. Now, I just make my husband kill them or better yet my cat gets a kick out of finding them and killing them for me!

Mimisha said...

@Rene´s Bare Essentials
I was totally the same like u before i married ( my phobia got a tiny bit less now). My dad once told me 2 that the spiders just stay at the ceiling. They never did :)
Once i wake up and i saw a spider coming from under my blanket, after that i didnt sleep in that bed for at least 1 week.