Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some yummy Food

This is my Snack for 2day

And this Cake is for my Son n Husband
Its banana cake with some chocolate, cinnamon n a lil coffee

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thin or skinny?

What exactly is the difference between thin and skinny?

Haifa Wehbe vs.
Megan Fox

In my opinion Haifa is thin but Megan is really skinny ( at least on this pic)
Id definetly prefer to have Megans Body though.
Dont ask me why but i have always adored woman that are skinny and i always wanted to be skinny :S
Im not skinny 4 sure but at least am not fat :D
But i decided since am anyway on diet now ill intense my work outs. Instead of just cardio ill do some strength training too. I should have done that be4 but i was too lazy to do more than some crunches and yoga.
So ill try a workout i found online. This one
I think ill try 2 do it daily for 1 month and than see what has changed.