Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time and New Year

As salamu alaikum :)

I really get lazy 2 write here, but thats simply cause NOTHING happens in my life.
Sad but True..

I feel so bored n fed up with my life these days.
There r so many things i wanna do and i simply cant cause i live at the end of the world.

Inline skating - ppl would look at me like am crazy here and well the streets where iam arent good 4 that..

going to the gym - theres just 1 gym near, its not really a good one. id also need someone 2 drive me there n take the baby 4 that time

There are also no shops around here, so shopping isnt an option, not 2 mention that i couldnt afford to go shopping all the time i feel bad :D

So 4 the new year am hoping to change location.
There r more things i wish and plan 4 but i guess since they arent sure its better 2 be quiet about them just now.

4 now iam just waiting that i can go 2 germany to stay there 4 some time and relax.
I really really need some time to think things over and decide what i want.

Now iam just mother, housewife, wife..
iam not satisfied with that..Not that i dont love my son, hes the light of my life.
I cant imagine 2 be without him ever again and he makes me smile when i wanna cry :)

Bad thing about it is i feel so damn guilt 4 thinking like this :(
I mean my life isnt bad, i have food, a place 2 stay, runnign water, electricity,...
Am i being greedy 2 want more?

Anyway i wish all of u a happy new year :)
Inshallah its gonna be a great one