Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun facts - things u can know but dont need to

The Nails of a human grow in his/her life 28 meter.

Anthropologists havent found a folk where children dont play hide n seek.

I france its forbidden to call a pig napoleon.

The lighter has been invented before the matches.

There isnt excisting a sea or a river in whole saudi arabia.

The Spanish Inquisition once condemned the entire Netherlands to death for heresy

One in 10 male guinea pigs is considered to be gay.

The shortest war ever took only 38 minutes. He led in 1896 between Britain and Zanzibar. The war began at 9 clock in the morning.

The female octopus is up to two feet tall and ten kilograms, the males, however is only 3 inches and it weighs a quarter gram. The male doesnt survive the mating.

The suicide rate among psychiatrists is twice as high as for their patients.

Chocolate contains three times as much iron as spinach

due to unnecessary hard copies in Germany every year 500 000 trees to be felled. One in three prints out his e-mails to read them

Only two cities in the world live more than Turks in Berlin: in Istanbul and Ankara.

When cows eat too many carrots, their milk turns pink

A four year-old asks about 400 questions a day.

Man are spending 140 days of their life shaving themselves.

While sleeping we turn around more than 10 times per hour.

A human loses skin cells in the course of his life with a total weight of 20 kilograms

Im Jahr 2006 sind 2,1 Millionen Menschen nur deshalb umgezogen, weil die Nachbarn zu laut waren.

Three-color cats are almost always female.

In New York are more Italians than in Rome, more Irishmen than in Dublin and more blacks than any other city in the world.

Viagra helps to keep cut flowers longer fresh.

1471 in Basel a cock got accused. Allegedly, he had - the natural laws spite -laid an egg. As a "devil in disguise," he was burned at the stake

In ancient Egypt pregnabcys were prevented by crocodile dung

Every human is crying in his life as a bathtub full.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I recently got scared like hell from a spider so i thought im gonna share with u what iam scared of
Anyone who read this and like 2 share what she/he is scared of, let me when u post it on ur blog ( im curious :D)

Ok am scared of:

1. Spiders :S
I just saw a spider sitting on the bed sheet that i hang outside 2 dry.
It was white with black spots n had a fly inits mouth :S
Im scared of spiders anyway, even not as much as i used 2, but this one just freaked me out.
Im kinda scared it might be poisonous :(

2. swimming in the Ocean
Im even scared of swimming in the north sea simply bcz i cant see whats below me.
I know its stupid 2 be scared bcz its safe there but still in my mind i think about sharks n other creatures who could be below me :S
I love 2 swimm, but i prefer a swimming pool :)

3. loosing a family memeber
I think this dont need an explanation :S

4. high places
i was much more scared of it n it got better.
But still i prefer 2 stay on the ground :D

5.To waste my Life
it sounds strange i know
Buty iam scared 2 waste my Life not doing the things that make me happy
Right now i stay home all time and i feel pretty useless, except for the part of taking care of Rayyan.
But am not only a mother iam still myself and a woman.
I wana reach my goals i wanna be creative, i wanna do new things, i wanna meet new ppl..
I just hope i can do a little more of this soon.. inshallah

So what r u scared of?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

sooo sad

Iam soo sad bcz my mum was supposed 2 come 2day and she couldnt :(
1 day before she should come the doctor found out she has Shingles.
Its not dangerous for her or me but it would have been for Rayyan.
So we decided she cant come and she might come after 4 weeks when she cant infect Rayyan anymore.
Still iam sad bcz i could use her support and help so much right now. I Miss her and my whole family so much :S
So inshallah we will fly 2 germany all 2gether on christmas.
I just hope it will work out cause we still need to get a german passport for Rayyan and german offices are slow..really slow

So since my mum didnt come theres nothing new in my life.
Rayyan is growing n growing :)
His smile makes me more happy than anything ever could, hes just a real joy ( when he wants 2 :D)

The last day i spend google ( googeling? googling?) for ppl from my past.
Ppl i was in school with and ppl who used 2 be close friends.
Its really interesting how some of them changed.
The most interesting was my frist Love :D
Well ok it wasnt love cause we were about 5 or 6 years old and just liked each other.
He was half marrocan and we played 2gether all the time. I havent sen him since we left primary school.I didnt contact him but it wasnice 2 see how hes dong and looks like now thx 2 facebook :)

Do u ever search for ppl like that with which u have no contact anymore but who used 2 be important 2 u? Its realy fun i can tell u :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

this is me

thats me
awake since 3am n no sleep in sight :S

Sunday, August 15, 2010

cleaning cleaning cleaning

First: Ramadan Kareem
I hope all of u are having a great ramadan and the fasting isnt 2 hard on u.
I was fastong the first 2 days until i recognized my milk supply got less and i got sick :(
But inshallah i will fast some more days though i dont think i will fast all the left days as i need days where i dont fast so i will have enough milk 4 Rayyan :)

In 4 days my mother is coming and so iam busy all the time cleaning 4 her arrival.
Iam so nervous and i want everything to be perfect.
So i spend hours on cleaning the walls in the bathroom, cleaning the cooking place, the fridge and actually the whole house :D
2morrow ill clean under the couch :P
I have a list what i still have 2 do be4 my mum arrives and it includes:
- cleaning the walls and doors ( from the blood of the mosquitos my husband hunted :D)
- cleaning the guest room
- washing the bed sheets
- cleaning the windows
- cleaning the floors

So i still got a lot 2 do and it isnt so easy 2 do all that while i feel soo bad from a cold.
I get a cold 3- 5 times a year and when i get it than really bad.
Not sleeping more than 5 hours a night doesnt help either i guess.
But when my mum is here inshallah i can take some rest when she takes Rayyan :)
Im soo glad shes coming and especially in Ramadan.
I pray that Allah will open her heart and let her become a muslim that would so great.
But ill see how she reacts on Ramadan in a muslim country :)

So its 1.40am here and i have 2 finish cleaning the kitchen be4 i will go 2 get a little sleep.
Have a nice Ramadan and may Allah protect u all :D

Saturday, August 7, 2010

iam tired :)

These days im pretty much tired all the time :)
Rayyan just keeps changing his sleeping rhythym all he time and i cant follow up. Last night my lovly boy just slept 2 hours from 1 am until 3 am after that he decided sleeping is boring and he stayed awake until 11.30am. I managed to get a little sleep now but still iam tired as if i have never slept :S
Rayyan on the other hand is sleeping like an angel now, lets see 4 how long :D

I cant belive its been 2 months since hes born and my life has changed so much. We got more used 2 not sleep much and 2 always think of Rayyan first be4 we think of what we want ( with we i mean me n my husband :)
Alahmdulillah Rayyan is doing a lot better than in the first 5 weeks where he was keeping us stressed with his colics a lot.
Ok enough about that cause iam sure his colics are not the most interesting topic for anyone else than me :)

My mother is finaly coming 2 us on the 19 of august and i cant wait to see her again after 8 long months. She will se Rayyan and my husband for the first time and i wish everything will go well inshallah.
Since Rayyan is born, or to be true since i was in the 8th month i miss my family muchmore than be4. I miss the places where i grow up and i wish that Rayyan could go and see these amazing places and meet all of my family some day.
On the 4th september there is a family meeting and iam so sad i cant go there :S
Its the first time that my family arranged something like that and though not all family memebers are coming iam sue it would be so much fun 2 attend it.
Ar ur family doing family meetings just 2 see each other once in a year or so?
I think its a great idea and i will keep it in mind for the time hen my child/ren are grown up :)

I think iam making way 2 much pictures of my son. My husband already complains that it takes too much space onthe laptop. But what can i do, i just cant help myself :P
Hes growing so fast and i wanna keep it as memorys.