Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun facts - things u can know but dont need to

The Nails of a human grow in his/her life 28 meter.

Anthropologists havent found a folk where children dont play hide n seek.

I france its forbidden to call a pig napoleon.

The lighter has been invented before the matches.

There isnt excisting a sea or a river in whole saudi arabia.

The Spanish Inquisition once condemned the entire Netherlands to death for heresy

One in 10 male guinea pigs is considered to be gay.

The shortest war ever took only 38 minutes. He led in 1896 between Britain and Zanzibar. The war began at 9 clock in the morning.

The female octopus is up to two feet tall and ten kilograms, the males, however is only 3 inches and it weighs a quarter gram. The male doesnt survive the mating.

The suicide rate among psychiatrists is twice as high as for their patients.

Chocolate contains three times as much iron as spinach

due to unnecessary hard copies in Germany every year 500 000 trees to be felled. One in three prints out his e-mails to read them

Only two cities in the world live more than Turks in Berlin: in Istanbul and Ankara.

When cows eat too many carrots, their milk turns pink

A four year-old asks about 400 questions a day.

Man are spending 140 days of their life shaving themselves.

While sleeping we turn around more than 10 times per hour.

A human loses skin cells in the course of his life with a total weight of 20 kilograms

Im Jahr 2006 sind 2,1 Millionen Menschen nur deshalb umgezogen, weil die Nachbarn zu laut waren.

Three-color cats are almost always female.

In New York are more Italians than in Rome, more Irishmen than in Dublin and more blacks than any other city in the world.

Viagra helps to keep cut flowers longer fresh.

1471 in Basel a cock got accused. Allegedly, he had - the natural laws spite -laid an egg. As a "devil in disguise," he was burned at the stake

In ancient Egypt pregnabcys were prevented by crocodile dung

Every human is crying in his life as a bathtub full.

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