Thursday, August 19, 2010

sooo sad

Iam soo sad bcz my mum was supposed 2 come 2day and she couldnt :(
1 day before she should come the doctor found out she has Shingles.
Its not dangerous for her or me but it would have been for Rayyan.
So we decided she cant come and she might come after 4 weeks when she cant infect Rayyan anymore.
Still iam sad bcz i could use her support and help so much right now. I Miss her and my whole family so much :S
So inshallah we will fly 2 germany all 2gether on christmas.
I just hope it will work out cause we still need to get a german passport for Rayyan and german offices are slow..really slow

So since my mum didnt come theres nothing new in my life.
Rayyan is growing n growing :)
His smile makes me more happy than anything ever could, hes just a real joy ( when he wants 2 :D)

The last day i spend google ( googeling? googling?) for ppl from my past.
Ppl i was in school with and ppl who used 2 be close friends.
Its really interesting how some of them changed.
The most interesting was my frist Love :D
Well ok it wasnt love cause we were about 5 or 6 years old and just liked each other.
He was half marrocan and we played 2gether all the time. I havent sen him since we left primary school.I didnt contact him but it wasnice 2 see how hes dong and looks like now thx 2 facebook :)

Do u ever search for ppl like that with which u have no contact anymore but who used 2 be important 2 u? Its realy fun i can tell u :)

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