Saturday, August 7, 2010

iam tired :)

These days im pretty much tired all the time :)
Rayyan just keeps changing his sleeping rhythym all he time and i cant follow up. Last night my lovly boy just slept 2 hours from 1 am until 3 am after that he decided sleeping is boring and he stayed awake until 11.30am. I managed to get a little sleep now but still iam tired as if i have never slept :S
Rayyan on the other hand is sleeping like an angel now, lets see 4 how long :D

I cant belive its been 2 months since hes born and my life has changed so much. We got more used 2 not sleep much and 2 always think of Rayyan first be4 we think of what we want ( with we i mean me n my husband :)
Alahmdulillah Rayyan is doing a lot better than in the first 5 weeks where he was keeping us stressed with his colics a lot.
Ok enough about that cause iam sure his colics are not the most interesting topic for anyone else than me :)

My mother is finaly coming 2 us on the 19 of august and i cant wait to see her again after 8 long months. She will se Rayyan and my husband for the first time and i wish everything will go well inshallah.
Since Rayyan is born, or to be true since i was in the 8th month i miss my family muchmore than be4. I miss the places where i grow up and i wish that Rayyan could go and see these amazing places and meet all of my family some day.
On the 4th september there is a family meeting and iam so sad i cant go there :S
Its the first time that my family arranged something like that and though not all family memebers are coming iam sue it would be so much fun 2 attend it.
Ar ur family doing family meetings just 2 see each other once in a year or so?
I think its a great idea and i will keep it in mind for the time hen my child/ren are grown up :)

I think iam making way 2 much pictures of my son. My husband already complains that it takes too much space onthe laptop. But what can i do, i just cant help myself :P
Hes growing so fast and i wanna keep it as memorys.


Jaz said...

He is so cute, glad to hear that you're getting out and about. Also really good that your mum is going to visit you, is that in Cairo ?

Anonymous said...

your son is just beautifull. regards from spanish girl in germany :)

BaTaBeeT said...

Oh what a cute kid.. he looks so cute and SMART :)

I haven't been around your blog lately and I thought abt u this morning... what did she do !! did she have the baby already or not:) now I know...

May God be with you :)

Kasia said...

salaam aleikum,

your son is just so beautiful, ma sha' allah, so keep on taking those pictures. :D

unfortunately all the pictures and videos that i have (yeah, since my son was born i am the biggest fan of making vids :p) are made with my cell phone therefore their quality is not as good as i'd like it to be. but alhamdulillah even for that. :)

btw, i love those two pictures here; his eyes are sooo big, ma sha' allah. :D

about the family meeting - my dad's family is making them once a year since 6 or 7 years. i've been only for the first time cause there's way too much drinking there. but except for this little thing, the family gatherings are a pretty good idea. :)

i wanted to know how much i lost after giving birth, but i don't have the scale. maybe it's better, it won't get me down, in sha' allah. but even without taking a look in the mirror i know that i have to loose weight. :( but first need to know what the doc says - whether my cs scar is getting better or i need to wait a little bit more time...

in sha' allah you'll loose it soon. :)

btw, ramadan karim! in sha' allah it's gonna be a blessed month for you, all your family and of course your little one. :)

Jaz said...

happy ramadan!

Mimisha said...

hi jaz, sorry 4got 2 answer u :S

ya am in cairo n my mum will come here in 2 days :D

i really really hope she will like it.

How are u these days
I hope u r fine n everything getting better 4 u inshallah.