Sunday, August 22, 2010


I recently got scared like hell from a spider so i thought im gonna share with u what iam scared of
Anyone who read this and like 2 share what she/he is scared of, let me when u post it on ur blog ( im curious :D)

Ok am scared of:

1. Spiders :S
I just saw a spider sitting on the bed sheet that i hang outside 2 dry.
It was white with black spots n had a fly inits mouth :S
Im scared of spiders anyway, even not as much as i used 2, but this one just freaked me out.
Im kinda scared it might be poisonous :(

2. swimming in the Ocean
Im even scared of swimming in the north sea simply bcz i cant see whats below me.
I know its stupid 2 be scared bcz its safe there but still in my mind i think about sharks n other creatures who could be below me :S
I love 2 swimm, but i prefer a swimming pool :)

3. loosing a family memeber
I think this dont need an explanation :S

4. high places
i was much more scared of it n it got better.
But still i prefer 2 stay on the ground :D

5.To waste my Life
it sounds strange i know
Buty iam scared 2 waste my Life not doing the things that make me happy
Right now i stay home all time and i feel pretty useless, except for the part of taking care of Rayyan.
But am not only a mother iam still myself and a woman.
I wana reach my goals i wanna be creative, i wanna do new things, i wanna meet new ppl..
I just hope i can do a little more of this soon.. inshallah

So what r u scared of?


IamSilla said...

im scared of lizard because i have history with them!! i was taking my shower. and as you know most people take shower they are naked!! im one of them. i was maybe 12-15 cant really remember. so while i was singing enjoying my shower i felt sumthing going up to my leg. i wondered wat was that. and i look down, WTF!!! lizard!!!i was afriad it will climb more up to ..... dont want to mention it! urgh!! so i took a hose i spray it with a high volume of water. so it slide down. and to be honest. this thing happen twice!!.another story. i went to the backyard with my sister. it was night and i was wearing my PJ. while i was walking beside the drainage , i felt sumthing entering beneath my under pants!! i tot it was a frog. i grab over so it wont hope more. in the same time i screamed and running( sort of like limping) in the house. i took off my pants and throw it away. i have no idea wat the hell inside the pants . so i took 2 hangers n open it. and SUDDENLY, a lizard jumped out from my pants. so hell yeah i screamed again with my sister. thats the worst thing ever happen in my life! :( till now i will alwys hate lizard!! :( n not to mention scared of them

Mimisha said...

When iwas reading ur comment my huswband suddenly called me n told me theres a big lizars in fron of the house n he told me not 2 open the window.
Is that a coincidence :S
Im not scared of them but i dont like them, especially not in my house.