Sunday, August 15, 2010

cleaning cleaning cleaning

First: Ramadan Kareem
I hope all of u are having a great ramadan and the fasting isnt 2 hard on u.
I was fastong the first 2 days until i recognized my milk supply got less and i got sick :(
But inshallah i will fast some more days though i dont think i will fast all the left days as i need days where i dont fast so i will have enough milk 4 Rayyan :)

In 4 days my mother is coming and so iam busy all the time cleaning 4 her arrival.
Iam so nervous and i want everything to be perfect.
So i spend hours on cleaning the walls in the bathroom, cleaning the cooking place, the fridge and actually the whole house :D
2morrow ill clean under the couch :P
I have a list what i still have 2 do be4 my mum arrives and it includes:
- cleaning the walls and doors ( from the blood of the mosquitos my husband hunted :D)
- cleaning the guest room
- washing the bed sheets
- cleaning the windows
- cleaning the floors

So i still got a lot 2 do and it isnt so easy 2 do all that while i feel soo bad from a cold.
I get a cold 3- 5 times a year and when i get it than really bad.
Not sleeping more than 5 hours a night doesnt help either i guess.
But when my mum is here inshallah i can take some rest when she takes Rayyan :)
Im soo glad shes coming and especially in Ramadan.
I pray that Allah will open her heart and let her become a muslim that would so great.
But ill see how she reacts on Ramadan in a muslim country :)

So its 1.40am here and i have 2 finish cleaning the kitchen be4 i will go 2 get a little sleep.
Have a nice Ramadan and may Allah protect u all :D

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