Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Remedys for sinusitis?

So the weather changes and for sure right away i get really sick :(
I got sinusitis which means i feel like i spend the night hitting my head against the wall!
My whole body hurts as if i was a old woman and the worst is the headache and the fever :S
I just hope the meds gonna work soon as its really hard to take care of my son like this

I try to mix up meds with home remedys againts sinusitis but i dont think any of it works til now.

lemon in water
inhaling damp ( over a bowl with hot water and than towel over ur head)
apple cidar in water

I have no idea what else could help?

Im already taking some meds that used to work good before but doesnt seem to make a difference this time.
I know a med that would work good against this, but i cant get it here in egypt :(

My diet suffers too while am sick
Yesterday i was too tired to cock something healthy so i ended up eating pasta with creamy sauce and soem cake.
Today though im not able to eat much at all. So all i had today were 2 small apple and lots of coffee ( ok just 3 cups til now, but thwe day didnt finish till now)
That might make up for the cake yesterday..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1 week 3 days later

Im frustrated!
Somehow the diet doesnt work as well as the last time..
I used to loose weighth pretty easy n fast but this time the numbers on the scale hardly change
Maybe im too unpatient as its been only 1 week n 3 days..
But i weight myseöf every day and get dissappointed if nothing changes. I think i should change it and weight myself just once a week again.

Otherwise its going ok. I get used to not eating sweets n fatty foods..
I do my work outs daily n drink that disgusting apple cidar every morning..

Monday, October 8, 2012

Strawberry Smoothie with yogurt n honey

I finally managed to do some low intensity cardio for 20 min :)

So since i did my cardio i made myself a strawberry smoothie
I love it and i cant believ for how long i havent had strawberrys :)

Image from

Check that Page out, its pretty interesting

Just tired..

I have no clue whats going on with me today..
Im just soo tired and wish i could sleep for a few hours
Last night i went to sleep at 2am and i got up at 10 am, so i definetly had enough sleep

Stil i have not enough energy to do my cardio work out today :(
I started several times but laways gave up cause i feel  i dotn have enough power to pull through..
At least i managed 10 min of abs n core work out

Otherwise its going pretty well
I dont know how much i lost in the first week as my scale is acting weird.
It gives me a certain weight but if i try again for 2 times it gives me a different (lower)weight. Maybe i should change the battery..
I left out any kind of Soda from my diet as well as sugar.
Only downfall was light night as i had a soft ice with chocolate n caramel sauce :)

The apple vinegar i drink every morning works pretty well.
My skin looks better than before and normally im way less tired when i drink it ( except today)
It tastes disgutsing but i just drink it in 1 sip n ignore the taste
I mix 2 teaspoon of apple cidar vinegar with 1/2 glass of warm water n drink it first thing in the morning, 30 min before breakfast. If i eat anything unhealthy i try to drink it after that too.
Or i drink another sip like that in the evening..

Im trying to work out 30 min a day..
Including strength training every day for at least 10 min

So there are 10.5 weeks left and i cantwait to get some results !

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weight loss project - again

Day 4
of Diet try number 1 million

Seriously i could just hit myself for always giving up and than having to start again..

I still didnt reach my goal weight and i have even gained some weight around ramadan/Eid.
Thats what i get for eating whatever i like and not working out enough..
I gained some weigth so i still have to loose quite some weight to reach my goal!
I d love to be around 54 kg while im 170cm
At least i lost all the pregnancy weight +5 kg
So its all about shaping up now
I really wanna fit into my size 36 skinny jeans ( not that i would wear them out of the house..)

Today is day 4 of my work out n diet and its going ok.
My whole body is sore from working out though..
I have done excercise before but now i started to do more strength training
Never knew you wasit could ache from work out.
Today didnt went as well as the last days as i felt really tired, so i did just easy cardio ( 25 min)
and some core,abs strength training.
I ususally use any cardio work out programm/Video from jillian michaels.
Shes just amazing and i love her work outs and her spirit.

I would love to go running outdoors but really the ppl here would think iam whether insane or running from any kind of danger. Ppl here dont go out running for a work out!
Only soldiers do that i guess, as u can see them do that around military property.
But well for a woman, especially if she wears hijab and no skin tight clothes, its not gonna work.
Any other questions why woman here are mostly pretty overweight when they get older?
Simply cause they get no chances to work out!

Foodwise its getting easier.
The beginning is always tough as im craving the foods i ate while not doing a diet.
I als love to eat at night when i finally get to sit down and relax, and when the baby finally sleeps.
Best time to enjoy some food..
Well i avoid that as much as possible normally..
I also gotta cut back on my coffe consume :( Thats the part i probably hate the most as i loveeee coffee!
Nescafe with sugar n milk is what keeps me going. So from 5 cups ill reduce it to 2 cups n ill try that artificial sweetener that they sell here. Sadly i cant get Stevia but well Aspartam/fruit sugar will have to do for now!

Im drinking about 2-2.5 litre of tea ( mint tea, green tea, herbal tea´s) without sugar every day.
And i drink, first thing in the morning, warm water with 2 teaspoon apple cidar vinegar :S
Really disgusting stuff but its supposed to boost the metabolism and give you a better skin..Lets see how that goes..

When i really crave something sweet i turn to my beloved sugar-free mentos chewing gum.
I have to hide it from my son though as he would eat all of them in 1 day.

Well ill update the blog in a few weeks about if all of that worked to reach my dream body :)
Plan is to loose 5 kg til christmas which is in about 3 months from now..