Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cooking at 3am

U think thats s trange thing 2 do?
So do i....but i couldnt sleep anyway and when i thought of having oats again 2 suhor i decided 2 cook something real.
The last iftar and suhor i ate only oats with raisins n milk and it gets kinda boring even i do love this food.

Doesnt it look tasty?

Anyway i decided 2 cook some red lentils with carrots..also known as Daal (in india) or Aads (in egypt)
it was quite tasty. It would have been even better if i had some plain yogurt at home or the energy 2 produce some chapati (indian bread), but my energy level wasnt high enough 2 do this 2.
Am really tired, its 4.25am here now and i havent slept all night bcz of several reasons
- nervous..ill go egypt on wednsday and this makes me a nervous case per exelance ( ahh grammar)
- thunderstorm..really its so loud outside, the rain and the thunder just wouldntlet me sleep and the lightning does the rest
- i got used 2 it ( thx 2 my fiance who made me used 2 stay awake all night 2 talk :P)
- i just thought its useless 2 sleep like 2 hours be4 fajr

So Fajr will be in 20 min inshallah and i hope i can sleep after it and still not get up 2 late bcz im going 2 meet my mum ( i need 2 use the time left 4 us 2 meet :S)
But maybe am not going 2 sleep as my fiance just rang me 2 come online 2 talk and i miss him..its been less than 24 hours since we talked but truly i miss his voice
Is this what u call Love?

Saturday, August 29, 2009



Am drinking Karkady
So Google told me its a deep-red infusion of hibiscus flowers..i got 2 know it in alexandria in a cafe in khalid ibn waleed street ( 2 much information?)
See here how to  make karkady urself
I like it and i heard its supposed 2 give u energy..and i truly do need some extra energy!

Fasting didnt went so well 2day, i felt dehydrated n dizzy 4 quite a while and after iftar now i feel worse, maybe it has another reason..

3 Days left til my plane takes off and iam soo nervous
Lot of things going through my mind
want an example?

My mum, My fiance, papers, packing, flight times, airport, weather, heat, new apartment, family in law, marriage, ramadan, fasting, learning new surahs

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1 week *omg*

In 1 week at this time ill be in cairo
So am really getting nervous, my mum said am so calm but seriously inside me am shaking :)
I have so many thoughts about this, so many worrys.
In 1 week at this time im going 2 marry, even when i write this words i cant really believe it and its so surreal 4 me.

Its been just way 2 many times in the last 12 months that ive been in this situation ( except marriage)
Ive been traveling so much and changing flats. Everytime am nervous and til now everytime the travel went good ( more or less)
But i just hope his gonna be the last time 4 me to travel alone for a long time bcz am tired of it.
I went from germany 2 cairo, from cairo 2 alex ( changed the flat in alex) went back 2 germany, went 2 uk n back 2 germany
N now ill go back 2 cairo :)
So much happend in the last 12 months and it changed me a lot * alhmadulillah*

I hope Ramadan is going well 4 all of u and u r all happy :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Trust..ya its an issue 4 me
Its hard 4 me 2 trust ppl in any condition
I got to this topic while thinking of my fiance..i know i should trust him bcz he didnt do anything 2 not be trusted
But still when i see which ppl he socialised with ( well be4 me, dntknow if still)
am not so sure about this topic.
I dont really want my husband 2 socialise with ppl like that and especially not with girls like that..ok i dont know them but ya pictures do say a lot about u sometimes..

I deleted every guy which i had contact 2 ( except 1) and i dont socialise with guys now anymore..i just hope he does the same
He didnt delted every female on his fac├ębook for example, i didnt asked him 2 but i expect him 2 do it ( maybe not right now but at least soon)

Id like 2 delete my facebook account but in the same time its keeping me connected 2 all the great girls ive got 2 know over the last 1,5 years.
Well ill decide about that after i marryd.

I just feel so insecure a lot of times..
Like why did he choose me? i know he can have girls more pretty or maybe more intelligent or a girl which has same nationality and language like he does. So why he choose me?
I know this sounds like being sorry 4 myself, but i just feel really insecure about this in these days. Inshallah it gets better after being married
( it does, doesnt it?)

Monday, August 24, 2009


Hows the fasting going with u so far?

4 me its going pretty well, except that i have headache 2day bcz the weather turned warm again. Hot at daytime n freezing cold at night isnt a good combination 4 me.
Anyway i dont miss the food over the day but i do miss the water as a lot.
Its here 20 min left til maghrib and am not feeling as if i didnt eat all day.
I also dont eat so much 4 iftar or sahour, mostly anything with milk like milkshakes or oats with milk n raisins.
Today i finally got the watermelon i wanted the last days, so inshallah ill eat this 4 2days iftar 2 :)

I read an artice about "Virtues of fasting in summer’s heat" in the Saudi gazette ( my fav online news) and i liked this little story which was inthe article: Al-Hajjaj was on a journey between Makkah and Madina. He pulled out his dinner and invited a bedouin to eat with him, and the bedouin said: “I have been invited by One who is better than you and I have accepted the invitation.” He asked: “And who is this?” The man replied: “Allah invited me to fast, and I fasted"
Al-Hajjaj asked: “On this very hot day?” The man replied: “Yes. I am fasting it in anticipation of a much hotter day.” Al-Hajjaj said: “So, eat today and fast tomorrow.”

The man replied: “Only if you can guarantee that I will live until tomorrow.” Al-Hajjaj said: “This isn’t in my hands.” The man said: “How can you ask me to do something now when there is something of the future that isn’t in your hands?”

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hamburger anyone?

Iam craving 4 a hamburger from Mc Doanlds :S
Dont really know how this happend that i want 2 eat something like that.
It might seem normal, but not according 2 the fact am a vegetarian and didnt eat a hamburger since i was about 9 years ( thats 13 years ago)
i literally could taste it this morning ( but no i didnt ate it)
I can totally remember the taste of it, and it surprises me since i didnt ever think about eating something like this ever again.

But im thinking 2 eat chicken n fish again. Thats gonna be a hard quest 4 me but i think ill try it sooner or later.
I just have to get this pics out of my head, of how they kill this animals
( i think ive seen way 2 much PETA clips :S)

Any of u vegetarian?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

pakistan part 2

Pakistan part 1

Salah at-Tarawih

I dont know so much about this topic as the last times i did ramadan i didnt do this so much. But as iam into trying 2 do more effort this year i tryd 2 find more information about it.

Shaikh Ibn Uthaimin said: "Salah at night during Ramadan has benefits and merits not found in other times. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: 'Whoever makes night prayer during Ramadan, with Eman and hoping for reward from Allah, all his previous sins are forgiven. ' [Agreed upon]Night prayer during Ramadan is inclusive of salah in the early as well as late part of the night. For this reason, Tarawih is part of night prayer during Ramadan. It is necessary to seek it, to protect it, and to hope for reward from Allah because of it. It is only during a limited number of nights, so the intelligent believer takes advantage of the opportunity before it is lost."

I wish i were married n could pray with my husband instead of being alone :S
Spending Ramadan alone is just not the same as spending it surrounded by other muslims.

In 2006 i spend half Ramadan in Pakistan. it wasnt such an event as in other countrys but still better than in germany.
The whole Family (10 persons) used 2 get up and eat 2gether before fajr.
sadly we never prayed there 2gether, thats was quite something which suprised me when i came there. Whenever i meet any other muslimas here in germany we pray 2gether so i couldnt believe in pakistan they just prayed each one alone not even calling the others 4 prayers ( azhan excluded)
Inshallah i will post some pictures i made in pakistan later.

So again wishing u all a rewardfull ramadan

Ramadan Kareem

I wish u all a nice and peacefull Ramadan

Friday, August 21, 2009


**Dreamin of another day n another time**

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Advice needed

Im thinking a lot about this the last few weeks
and id love 2 hear what u think about it or what u would advice me.

I converted 2 islam more than 4 years ago, but am the only muslim in my family ( and ya i have a big family)
I wish my mum would accept islam but til now i failed 2 give her the right image of islam.
I gave her a cd of a great german preacher and i gave her a book written by a german konvert.Didnt left much impressions on her.
I carefully tryd 2 ask her about whats her thoughts of what happens after death.
And she said she doesnt think we get any punishment after death, but we might be reborn into a better or lower position( life form) depending on how we lived this life.

Its hard 4 me 2 talk 2 her straight away about my beliefs bcz she doesnt show any intrest and its just not like that in my family.
Like when i started 2 wear hijab, no one commented on it..not one word
They didnt even gave me strange looks or asked why iam wearing it.
i know it sounds stange but thats how my family acts like.

So can u give me any advice how 2 introduce my mum more 2 islam?
any nice storys 2 tell her 2 show her its the right way?
It would be so much more easy if she could talk english or use internet so i cold just send her lots of stuff and am sure she would sooner or later read it.
there r not so much good books in german which r 4 non muslims 2 understand islam :S

Am i still in germany?

I really wonder whats going on with weather these days
1 week ago i was freezing n it turned so cold
and 2day is one of the hottest days of the year its above 35 grad here
I liked the colder weather and still counting on rain 2night
Would be helpfull in fasting 2 if it isnt so warm.

When do u start fasting?
2morrow, saturday or sunday?
Ill watch out 4 the moon but doubt that ill be able 2 see anything bcz of clouds coming up atm.
The turkish in here will start 2 fast 2morrow while the arabic in germany start on saturday.
Every year the same discussion..
Inshallah first day of Ramadan will be on saturday

I saw a woman crying when she saw this clip, its a good reminder 4 the start of ramadan

i adore baba ali, he has such a great and uncomplicated way..just wish my mummy could understand english :(

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And i opend my eyes..

Iam living in germany for quite a long time, I just lived out of germany for about 2 years of my life and this might be the reason am so blinf to whats going on here.
I mean the daily things which seem so normal and not special, but if u watch closly u will discover its really bad.
What i mean?
Ok ill give an example.
Im watching tv every day a bit, mostly just 1 show and some news.
i also see the advertisement even i dont give it much of attention.
So 2day i wasnt focusing on the adverts like always and i saw one advert which i have seen be4. But suddenly i just realized what i saw and what it means 4 my society.

It was an advert 4 cheating
U dont belive me?
Am serious..
It advert 4 an agency which helps ppl 2 cheat there partners 2 find someone else 4 a one-night-stand or a lil affair.
I saw this one many times be4 but just didnt give it much of a thought.
but now as i think of it i cant belive it.
Do we see this every day witout being shocked, what happend 2 this society?
I mean 50 years before this would have been a huge scandal and now..nothing.

I dont think this would happen in arabic countrys that theres an advert 2 find affairs or one-night-stands. Not that arab countrys r best or soo innocent but when it comes 2 this they r still some more natural than we are in europe.
Natural= marriage, no cheating, no haram dating, just 1 on 1 relationships ( leaving out 4 now the polygamy)
After living here long time we close our eyes 2 the bad things happening around us.
we dont even recognize the girls who wear nearly nothing, The mums smoking and drinking while puching a bggy and all the other haram stuff around us which doesnt even gets dissapproved by our society anymore.
how i wish i could go back in time when our morals where more clean and the social life was keeping u away from sins.

New start

As salamu alaikum
Bismillah hirahman nirahim

As im about to change a lot in my Life and go 2 a new step in my life i will start this new Blog.
Its going 2 be about.... Me * suprise suprise*

Enjoy :P