Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cooking at 3am

U think thats s trange thing 2 do?
So do i....but i couldnt sleep anyway and when i thought of having oats again 2 suhor i decided 2 cook something real.
The last iftar and suhor i ate only oats with raisins n milk and it gets kinda boring even i do love this food.

Doesnt it look tasty?

Anyway i decided 2 cook some red lentils with carrots..also known as Daal (in india) or Aads (in egypt)
it was quite tasty. It would have been even better if i had some plain yogurt at home or the energy 2 produce some chapati (indian bread), but my energy level wasnt high enough 2 do this 2.
Am really tired, its 4.25am here now and i havent slept all night bcz of several reasons
- nervous..ill go egypt on wednsday and this makes me a nervous case per exelance ( ahh grammar)
- thunderstorm..really its so loud outside, the rain and the thunder just wouldntlet me sleep and the lightning does the rest
- i got used 2 it ( thx 2 my fiance who made me used 2 stay awake all night 2 talk :P)
- i just thought its useless 2 sleep like 2 hours be4 fajr

So Fajr will be in 20 min inshallah and i hope i can sleep after it and still not get up 2 late bcz im going 2 meet my mum ( i need 2 use the time left 4 us 2 meet :S)
But maybe am not going 2 sleep as my fiance just rang me 2 come online 2 talk and i miss him..its been less than 24 hours since we talked but truly i miss his voice
Is this what u call Love?

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