Saturday, August 29, 2009



Am drinking Karkady
So Google told me its a deep-red infusion of hibiscus flowers..i got 2 know it in alexandria in a cafe in khalid ibn waleed street ( 2 much information?)
See here how to  make karkady urself
I like it and i heard its supposed 2 give u energy..and i truly do need some extra energy!

Fasting didnt went so well 2day, i felt dehydrated n dizzy 4 quite a while and after iftar now i feel worse, maybe it has another reason..

3 Days left til my plane takes off and iam soo nervous
Lot of things going through my mind
want an example?

My mum, My fiance, papers, packing, flight times, airport, weather, heat, new apartment, family in law, marriage, ramadan, fasting, learning new surahs

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