Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And i opend my eyes..

Iam living in germany for quite a long time, I just lived out of germany for about 2 years of my life and this might be the reason am so blinf to whats going on here.
I mean the daily things which seem so normal and not special, but if u watch closly u will discover its really bad.
What i mean?
Ok ill give an example.
Im watching tv every day a bit, mostly just 1 show and some news.
i also see the advertisement even i dont give it much of attention.
So 2day i wasnt focusing on the adverts like always and i saw one advert which i have seen be4. But suddenly i just realized what i saw and what it means 4 my society.

It was an advert 4 cheating
U dont belive me?
Am serious..
It advert 4 an agency which helps ppl 2 cheat there partners 2 find someone else 4 a one-night-stand or a lil affair.
I saw this one many times be4 but just didnt give it much of a thought.
but now as i think of it i cant belive it.
Do we see this every day witout being shocked, what happend 2 this society?
I mean 50 years before this would have been a huge scandal and now..nothing.

I dont think this would happen in arabic countrys that theres an advert 2 find affairs or one-night-stands. Not that arab countrys r best or soo innocent but when it comes 2 this they r still some more natural than we are in europe.
Natural= marriage, no cheating, no haram dating, just 1 on 1 relationships ( leaving out 4 now the polygamy)
After living here long time we close our eyes 2 the bad things happening around us.
we dont even recognize the girls who wear nearly nothing, The mums smoking and drinking while puching a bggy and all the other haram stuff around us which doesnt even gets dissapproved by our society anymore.
how i wish i could go back in time when our morals where more clean and the social life was keeping u away from sins.


Jaz said...

Wow and advert for cheating :O That is horrible!!

.::Tuttie::. said...

NO WAY! SubhanaAllah I find that so unbelievable. I am not doubting you I am just stunned.

Purekrystal said...

I know what you mean,I would like too that it would be like the 50's again,only better.It doesn't surprise me any about the German advertisement which recommends that people both cheat and get one night stands.As my mind has been prepare for that, after seeing a TV ad from Mercedes Benz, in which their product promotes affairs for both men and women.I am glad that that ad has been pulled off the market now.