Thursday, August 20, 2009

Am i still in germany?

I really wonder whats going on with weather these days
1 week ago i was freezing n it turned so cold
and 2day is one of the hottest days of the year its above 35 grad here
I liked the colder weather and still counting on rain 2night
Would be helpfull in fasting 2 if it isnt so warm.

When do u start fasting?
2morrow, saturday or sunday?
Ill watch out 4 the moon but doubt that ill be able 2 see anything bcz of clouds coming up atm.
The turkish in here will start 2 fast 2morrow while the arabic in germany start on saturday.
Every year the same discussion..
Inshallah first day of Ramadan will be on saturday

I saw a woman crying when she saw this clip, its a good reminder 4 the start of ramadan

i adore baba ali, he has such a great and uncomplicated way..just wish my mummy could understand english :(

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