Thursday, August 20, 2009

Advice needed

Im thinking a lot about this the last few weeks
and id love 2 hear what u think about it or what u would advice me.

I converted 2 islam more than 4 years ago, but am the only muslim in my family ( and ya i have a big family)
I wish my mum would accept islam but til now i failed 2 give her the right image of islam.
I gave her a cd of a great german preacher and i gave her a book written by a german konvert.Didnt left much impressions on her.
I carefully tryd 2 ask her about whats her thoughts of what happens after death.
And she said she doesnt think we get any punishment after death, but we might be reborn into a better or lower position( life form) depending on how we lived this life.

Its hard 4 me 2 talk 2 her straight away about my beliefs bcz she doesnt show any intrest and its just not like that in my family.
Like when i started 2 wear hijab, no one commented on it..not one word
They didnt even gave me strange looks or asked why iam wearing it.
i know it sounds stange but thats how my family acts like.

So can u give me any advice how 2 introduce my mum more 2 islam?
any nice storys 2 tell her 2 show her its the right way?
It would be so much more easy if she could talk english or use internet so i cold just send her lots of stuff and am sure she would sooner or later read it.
there r not so much good books in german which r 4 non muslims 2 understand islam :S


Jaz said...

Maybe she'll start to mind if you try to convert her lol

.::Tuttie::. said...

I don't have any advice. Mashaallah you have taken an active role in trying to bring your mom to Islam. I haven't. She is happy that no religion wants to convert her and she wouldn't react positive to my efforts.

My friend who was actively trying told me that her best dawah were her actions. Hypocrisy wont get you anywhere. You need to practice what you preach before anyone will take you seriously. after my friend stopped trying and focused on herself and being a better Muslim her father was impressed and took his shahada. Her mom. not yet but Ramadan is here and I will be making dua for everyone! inshaAllah

Nasreen said...

^ MashaAllah that's awesome for your friend Tuttie. I agree with you. Our behaviour affects people the most. InshaAllah, your mom will join you by the will of Allah (swt). Don't forget to make dua!

Mimisha - MashaAllah, really nice to hear of your conversion. Just make dua that Allah guides her to Islam. Try to be a good Muslim and a good daughter. InshaAllah that'll serve as a better attraction of your family to Islam. I think you might consider talking to your mom about Islam directly rather than giving her books. Or just sit and discuss them with her. Is it possible your family thinks this is just a phase you are going through?