Monday, August 24, 2009


Hows the fasting going with u so far?

4 me its going pretty well, except that i have headache 2day bcz the weather turned warm again. Hot at daytime n freezing cold at night isnt a good combination 4 me.
Anyway i dont miss the food over the day but i do miss the water as a lot.
Its here 20 min left til maghrib and am not feeling as if i didnt eat all day.
I also dont eat so much 4 iftar or sahour, mostly anything with milk like milkshakes or oats with milk n raisins.
Today i finally got the watermelon i wanted the last days, so inshallah ill eat this 4 2days iftar 2 :)

I read an artice about "Virtues of fasting in summer’s heat" in the Saudi gazette ( my fav online news) and i liked this little story which was inthe article: Al-Hajjaj was on a journey between Makkah and Madina. He pulled out his dinner and invited a bedouin to eat with him, and the bedouin said: “I have been invited by One who is better than you and I have accepted the invitation.” He asked: “And who is this?” The man replied: “Allah invited me to fast, and I fasted"
Al-Hajjaj asked: “On this very hot day?” The man replied: “Yes. I am fasting it in anticipation of a much hotter day.” Al-Hajjaj said: “So, eat today and fast tomorrow.”

The man replied: “Only if you can guarantee that I will live until tomorrow.” Al-Hajjaj said: “This isn’t in my hands.” The man said: “How can you ask me to do something now when there is something of the future that isn’t in your hands?”

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Cecilia said...

salam aleikum!

well fasting is going pretty well for me too al hamdulillah!