Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Trust..ya its an issue 4 me
Its hard 4 me 2 trust ppl in any condition
I got to this topic while thinking of my fiance..i know i should trust him bcz he didnt do anything 2 not be trusted
But still when i see which ppl he socialised with ( well be4 me, dntknow if still)
am not so sure about this topic.
I dont really want my husband 2 socialise with ppl like that and especially not with girls like that..ok i dont know them but ya pictures do say a lot about u sometimes..

I deleted every guy which i had contact 2 ( except 1) and i dont socialise with guys now anymore..i just hope he does the same
He didnt delted every female on his fac├ębook for example, i didnt asked him 2 but i expect him 2 do it ( maybe not right now but at least soon)

Id like 2 delete my facebook account but in the same time its keeping me connected 2 all the great girls ive got 2 know over the last 1,5 years.
Well ill decide about that after i marryd.

I just feel so insecure a lot of times..
Like why did he choose me? i know he can have girls more pretty or maybe more intelligent or a girl which has same nationality and language like he does. So why he choose me?
I know this sounds like being sorry 4 myself, but i just feel really insecure about this in these days. Inshallah it gets better after being married
( it does, doesnt it?)

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