Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hamburger anyone?

Iam craving 4 a hamburger from Mc Doanlds :S
Dont really know how this happend that i want 2 eat something like that.
It might seem normal, but not according 2 the fact am a vegetarian and didnt eat a hamburger since i was about 9 years ( thats 13 years ago)
i literally could taste it this morning ( but no i didnt ate it)
I can totally remember the taste of it, and it surprises me since i didnt ever think about eating something like this ever again.

But im thinking 2 eat chicken n fish again. Thats gonna be a hard quest 4 me but i think ill try it sooner or later.
I just have to get this pics out of my head, of how they kill this animals
( i think ive seen way 2 much PETA clips :S)

Any of u vegetarian?

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