Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time and New Year

As salamu alaikum :)

I really get lazy 2 write here, but thats simply cause NOTHING happens in my life.
Sad but True..

I feel so bored n fed up with my life these days.
There r so many things i wanna do and i simply cant cause i live at the end of the world.

Inline skating - ppl would look at me like am crazy here and well the streets where iam arent good 4 that..

going to the gym - theres just 1 gym near, its not really a good one. id also need someone 2 drive me there n take the baby 4 that time

There are also no shops around here, so shopping isnt an option, not 2 mention that i couldnt afford to go shopping all the time i feel bad :D

So 4 the new year am hoping to change location.
There r more things i wish and plan 4 but i guess since they arent sure its better 2 be quiet about them just now.

4 now iam just waiting that i can go 2 germany to stay there 4 some time and relax.
I really really need some time to think things over and decide what i want.

Now iam just mother, housewife, wife..
iam not satisfied with that..Not that i dont love my son, hes the light of my life.
I cant imagine 2 be without him ever again and he makes me smile when i wanna cry :)

Bad thing about it is i feel so damn guilt 4 thinking like this :(
I mean my life isnt bad, i have food, a place 2 stay, runnign water, electricity,...
Am i being greedy 2 want more?

Anyway i wish all of u a happy new year :)
Inshallah its gonna be a great one

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My other Blog

I have had that other Blog for quiete a long time and didnt give it so much of attention. Especially since i had Rayyan. Now that i have more time on hands i will try to post there more frequent.
Its all about recipes :)

Tagged A to Z

Ive been tagged by izdiher some time ago and just discovered it now :)
Thx for the Tagg, i really enjoyed ur answers..and these r my answers:

– Available: No
– Age: 24 since 1 month
– Animals: Love Cats and Orcas

– Beer: No alcohol for me
– Best friends: Names stay secret :)
– Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes (blue or green) and smell
– Best feeling in the world: When my son comes to give me a hug and lays his hea on my shoulder (never lasts for long he right away has to go for new adventures)
– Best weather: Not too hot n not too cold
– Been in Love: Sure
– Been on stage: Once in highschool
– Believe in Magic: ya
– Believe in Santa: I used to and i was sared of him :S
– Brand: I like stella mc cartney ( i never owned any of her designs though)


– Candy: I love only chocolate n ice cream
– Color: Brown, Grey, Purple, White
– Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
- Chinese/Indian/Italian: I love indian Food
- Cake or pie: Cake
– Cheese: Cheesecake :D

– Day or Night: Night..Im more awake at night than at daytime
– Dancing in the rain: I did it several time in night

– Eyes: Im mostly too shy to look ppl in the eye
– Ever failed a class: once
– Enemies: I dont think i really have any
– Exercise: Should do more

– First thoughts waking up: Wheres the Kid ?
– Food: I love food.. guess thats where the extra pounds r from

– Greatest Fear: War
– Get along with your parents: Yes

– Hair Color:I need to change it n dont know wether to go light blonde or dark brown...or red???
– Happy: So so
– Holiday: Eh? Holiday is when my husband takes the kid so i can sleeep

– Ice Cream: Ben n jerrys is the best

– Jewelry:Love them
– Job: Housewife = cleaning, cooking, babysitting, ironing, washing,...

– Kids: 1 son n inshallah soon more :)
– Kickboxing or karate: Never trie any of them
– Keep a journal: Only my blog

– Love: Greatest love is to be loved by Allah, ur kids n family

– Laughed so hard you cried: i guess so

- Milk flavor: Anything, i love milk with any flavour
– Movies: Havent been to cinema for a loooong time..but pirates of the carribbean is a great one
– Motion sickness: hmmmm...

– Number: 3 n 9

– One wish: Ya rab let my mum become a muslim and grant her and my son Jannah!!

– Perfect Pizza: vegetarian pan pizza with lots of cheese (from pizza hut or pizza king)
– Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi (egypts national drink :D) but i avoid it anyway
– Perfume/Cologne: Gucci n pure poisen

– Quail: ??

– Reason to cry: I cry easily..
– Reality T.V: Not so interesting
– Radio Station: Nile Fm and Najoom Fm

– Song: last breath - ahmed bukhatir
– Shoe size: 38-39

– Salad Dressing: Only vinegar n olive oil
– Skinny dip: No
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Love them
– Sport: Running, skating, swimming
- Sex: is private

– Tattoos: Haram
– Thunderstorms: Love them as long as its not too loud

– Unpredictable: Life is unpredictable for sure

– Vacation spot(s): i went to pakistan, sweden, denmark, austria, egypt :D, spain. N id love to go turkey/istanbul and Oman

– Weakness: My weakness is to forgive ppl way too often
– Who makes you laugh the most:P: My son :P u should see him walk like a penguin and putting my underwear on his head
– Worst Weather: Tooo i have to weat a lot of clothes

– X-Rays: had it done as a kid

-Year it is now: 2011
-Yellow: Only on walls

Zoo animal: Zebra

What we eat for Suhoor - before fasting in ramadan

Egyptians kinda eat always the same for suhoor ( the meal before fasting in ramadan)
Fouhl ( cooked brown beans)/ baladi bread/ taameya ( falafel) and yogurt
Well my husband eats the same on normal days for breakfast too but i get bored of fouhl easily.
I prefer oats with milk and fruit ( especially mango) or omlette.
Normally i HAVE to have coffee for breakfast, i skip that in ramadan and drink it at iftar instead.

yesterday my father in law was here for a visit n brought Guava. so yummy
I love to eat them just like that without anything and so does my little one. I cant eat a whole Guava as i always have to share it with the baby, he keeps begging til i give up :)

Fresh Guava :)

Nescafe with lots of milk n some sugar..theres nothing better :D

Our Suhoor Fouhl n falafel/ baladi bread n Yogurt

My Suhoor 2day Spanish Omlette

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ramadan kareem :D

Its a lil late to say Ramadan Kareem i guess?
The last 10 days of it are about too end and i finally have some time on hand to write here :)
Still in cairo though i wish id be in germany but well life doesnt always go as we wish. So im waiting that allah will make it possible for us 3 to go germany to visit my family. I miss them so much it hurts, but it wont be too long inshallah ya rab!!!

The last weeks i tryd my best to use ramadan as much as possible. Last year i couldnt fast so this year i was able to fast alhamdulillah. It went pretty well for the first 20 days. the last few days i felt really thirsty the whole day but i take it as a test from allah to make me experience the feeling of the poor even more in the last 10 days. May allah help those ppl who have no water and no food!

Now that my baby boy doesnt demand to be carryd all the time anymore i decided to start to learn cooking. Well i can cook and am not bad in it but i wanna learn to cook more Recipes. It goes pretty well and my husband likes the stuff i cook ( well at least he says so :) I wish i had my family here to cook for them too. I just love to cook for ppl who r close to me.

Now its 4 or 5 days until eid and i still dont know what ill do. My mother in law isnt in egypt so we probably wont go to her house. But staying here wont be interesting too. Maybe we should go to the azhar park, i really love that place and havent been there for ages. I would love to spend eid with my mum, that would surely give her a good impression about islam. Well maybe next year, inshallah.
What r u doing on eid? leave a comment if u do anything special on eid, i need some ideas :)

This mosque has a great architecture. Ive never seen anything like that be4. Its in 6th october/cairo

Saturday, June 4, 2011

the time of birthdays

The next 5 weeks a lot of ppl i love will have their birthdays.
Starting with my precious son on june 14th.
After that there r 7 ppl having birthdays until the 7th july
My mum, my unlce, rayyans cousin ( shes getting 2 years) , rayyans uncles ( twins), my husband and my dad.
The most impprtant ppl are not near me on their birthdays and i just wish i could be there to surprise them :)
Alhamdulillah i found a great service where i can send a postcard with a picture (one i upload or 1 they offer) and write some words. They send it on a chosen date and take only about 2 - 3 Euro for it. I used this for my uncle n dad ( )
And i will buy something for my mum and let them send it to my uncle so he can give it 2 her on her birthday inshallah.

I have no idea what to arrange for my husbands bithday.
It should be something he really likes and doesnt expect.
One of the things ill do is definetly to make a poster with pictures of rayyan and us as a family.
But still i need something else and im thinking hard still i cant catch a good idea.
Id be thankfull for any idea :)
Egypt isnt very good when it comes to order things online.
In germany i can get ANYTHING online. I can even order a puzzle made with a picture of rayyan online. Its so much easier to arrange surpirses like that secretly.
Last year i send my mum flowers to her brithday but i figured thats its a waste since shes not such a fan of flowers and to send them coasts just as much as buying a proper present and get it send to her :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

my babys first birthday :)

Its 15 days left til my baby will turn 1 year
Hes not really a baby anymore :S
I realised this on saturday when i saw the daughter of my husbands cousin. Shes looked so tiny compared to rayyan.Shes born 22.5 and her name is khadija.
Its hard to belive rayyan has been so small, only 1 year ago.
He was 3.5 kg heavy and about 50cm long. Now hes about 10 kg and over 80cm long.

He can crawl very fast, stand up without holding on to anything, walk while holding on to the couch, say some words, eat some foods alone and many other small things.
So hes a pretty normal 1 year old boy :)
I get comments that he is too thin a lot..well he is thin, but after all he weights 10 kg so its not way to less.Sometimes he eats well, some days he doenst wanna eat much at all..nothing unnormal

He doesnt get tomatoes, strawberrys before he turns 1 year ( they r proven to be linked to allergies)
He didnt get cow milk and yogurt too before he turned 11 months. now he get maybe once a week a jogurt and ill start to give him cow milk from time 2 time.
Healthy and very active, so obviously theres nothing missing in his diet!

I will celebrate his birthday which will be more for us than for him, since he wont understand it anyway :)
But i got no clue what i could buy for him.
I need a toy that helps him 2 learn something. We have already enough other toys ( teddy bears, rings, baby mobile with german language, picture book) but i want something interesting. So any advice on this is appreciated :)

I guess rayyan notice hes getting big and so he decided to change his sleep schedule..
He goes to bed between 8.30 and 9.30 and than he wakes up at... 7.30 am :S
Well sometimes he let me sleep til 8 or 8.30 but 2day he woke up at 6.30.
I gotta say am more of a nightperson, i can stay awake all night and sleep til noon.
Waking up at 8 or 8.30 is fine with me but 6.30 is cruel.
I hope he gonna stick with waking at 8.30am..inshallah

So i guess i talked enough about my son :)
I hope its not too boring but am just so proud of him.
I placed a bowl of watermelon in front of him and now hes just eating half of it while throwing the other half on the carpet..i guess i better go and clean it up be4 it gets 2 messy..

Monday, January 17, 2011

hand crafts try number 1

The last time i have been doing hand crafts was in school, so thats a little time ago.
But actually i love doing it so i decided to start doing it again.
Specially i wanna stich some clothes for my cuty son :)
But my first project was a gift for someone. She just got a baby and i decided to give her something personal. I just hope she will like it cause i know its far from being perfect :S
Its my first try on this kind of hand crafts so its not that good, but still not bad i hope?
wait for more cause i just started and i got a new hobby :D

Ps: the little hand on the left corner is from rayyan trying to get into the pic :)
he loves it when anyone takes pics of him.