Monday, May 30, 2011

my babys first birthday :)

Its 15 days left til my baby will turn 1 year
Hes not really a baby anymore :S
I realised this on saturday when i saw the daughter of my husbands cousin. Shes looked so tiny compared to rayyan.Shes born 22.5 and her name is khadija.
Its hard to belive rayyan has been so small, only 1 year ago.
He was 3.5 kg heavy and about 50cm long. Now hes about 10 kg and over 80cm long.

He can crawl very fast, stand up without holding on to anything, walk while holding on to the couch, say some words, eat some foods alone and many other small things.
So hes a pretty normal 1 year old boy :)
I get comments that he is too thin a lot..well he is thin, but after all he weights 10 kg so its not way to less.Sometimes he eats well, some days he doenst wanna eat much at all..nothing unnormal

He doesnt get tomatoes, strawberrys before he turns 1 year ( they r proven to be linked to allergies)
He didnt get cow milk and yogurt too before he turned 11 months. now he get maybe once a week a jogurt and ill start to give him cow milk from time 2 time.
Healthy and very active, so obviously theres nothing missing in his diet!

I will celebrate his birthday which will be more for us than for him, since he wont understand it anyway :)
But i got no clue what i could buy for him.
I need a toy that helps him 2 learn something. We have already enough other toys ( teddy bears, rings, baby mobile with german language, picture book) but i want something interesting. So any advice on this is appreciated :)

I guess rayyan notice hes getting big and so he decided to change his sleep schedule..
He goes to bed between 8.30 and 9.30 and than he wakes up at... 7.30 am :S
Well sometimes he let me sleep til 8 or 8.30 but 2day he woke up at 6.30.
I gotta say am more of a nightperson, i can stay awake all night and sleep til noon.
Waking up at 8 or 8.30 is fine with me but 6.30 is cruel.
I hope he gonna stick with waking at 8.30am..inshallah

So i guess i talked enough about my son :)
I hope its not too boring but am just so proud of him.
I placed a bowl of watermelon in front of him and now hes just eating half of it while throwing the other half on the carpet..i guess i better go and clean it up be4 it gets 2 messy..

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I'm Farsilla said...

mashaaaallah he's soooo cute!!! thanks god he aint in front of me! i will b hugging him so tight!!