Saturday, February 20, 2010

Turkish coffee

I have been writin a long post about me being home again and stuff like that but thanks 2 my connection it got deleted :S And am 2 lazy 2 write the same again
So am back hoome since some days and happy 2 be here :)

Since am home again i got my obsession 2 turkish coffee again.
I loved it be4 when i was in alex last year but since i couldnt do it well in germany due to no gas cooker, i stopped drinking it and exchanged it 4 coffee with milk.
But i talked with my brother in law about turkish coffee and since than im longing 4 some, so when i came back home i just made some and it worked out. Even i didnt have the right pot 4 it ( the Canaka) but it still turned out good alhamdulillah.( Here u can see how 2 make it, its really worth it )
I could drink this stuff all the time and listen the emirati/saudian music 2 it :)

My husband hates this kinda music am listening in tv. Its mostly singers from saudia, emirates, kuwait or oman and they sing in a very different arabic. But i love this old fashioned ways and the music itself. Its much more like the real arabic than the new egyptian songs which are quite modern.
My husband loves the old egyptian songs like the ones from um kalthoum with real orchestras and alll this stuff. He claims that he likes it only since we married, but truly i dont think so :P
His family stayed in saudia a long time and his brothers who are born there undertsand and like the saudian music more than him. Especially one of them loves the same music like i do.
I think i need 2 sit with him and let him tell me what the songs mean as my husband cant translate them.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

al masjid

2day i went with one of my brothers in law 2 the club.
Not the disco 4 sure but that kinda club where u can do any kind of sports, go playing with ur kids or go 2 the library and so on. There r even a lot of cafes in there and some small other shops.
Anyway i went with him bcz he needed some help in german from me and inshallah i could help him.
While we were there it was praying time so i had the chance 2 pray in the mosque there :)
I always love 2 pray in the mosque bcz it gives such a nice feeling.
I prayed aasr there first. But since i was a little late 4 prayer i was nearly alone in the prayer room. I took that chance 2 make pictures :)

The next prayer, the maghrib prayer, i attended at the right time and i was able 2 pray with a lot of woman there, mashallah :)
It feels nice 2 see all this woman doing the same as u, just praying 2 the One.
Inshallah i can go 2 the mosque more often when am back home as i have a offer 2 go 2 lessons with 1 woman. It will be quranic arabic lessons in 1 mosque there :)
She doesnt speak english a lot but her daughter does, so inshallah she will come and join us :)

Egypt is getting hot

Since 2 or 3 days the temperature here is going up
Its like a hot german summer :D
Suddenly it turned from maybe 20 grad at daytime to 30
I wanted it 2 be a bit warmer bcz i was freezing 2 much but now its so warm i wish i could wear a shirt and miniskirt at home ( cant bcz we still with brothers in law)
Last year at this time it wasnt like this at all.
i was in Alex last year and it was raining and soo cold. I remember how i wear training suit, abaya and a jacket when i went outside in the evening.
And now, 1 year later in cairo its the total opposite.
Is this the global warming?

I already scare the summer here when it starts like this just in february, how it gonna be in june or july?
And ill have still a baby belly in june, i think that will be suffering time 4 me :S
Inshallah it wont get 2 hot, so that i have 2 stay home all day near the air conditioner

Saturday, February 13, 2010

stop insisting

I dont like it at all whenpeople keep insisting afte u already said NO!
Like someone asked me 2 go 2 out ( a female)
me: no thx i dont wanna go there
SHe: why not?
me: I donrt like it
She:come on come with me there
me: No thx
she: why?
me: bcz i dont want 2 go there
she: yalla come wth me
me: No i dont wanna go there..

this going on n on..
Im actually pretty simple 2 understand bcz for me no is no and yes is yes.
I dont say no when i mean yes.

Like in arabic countrys when someone offers u someting 2 drink or 2 eat and u say no they will keep on insisting which is their culture.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Whats new?

Actually not much
The last days were not intresting at all as i havent been doing anything intresting.
i have been shopping yesterday where i bought a skirt and a white long shirt for under 20 euro.. yay. Sadly i wont be able 2 wear the sirt 4 long as my stomach is growing but inshallah ill wear it after giving birth
I always spend time studying arabic which still gives me a hard time. I used 2 love 2 study vocabulary ( back in school) but nowadays it just bores me. Inshallah i will not give up and get better in arabic.

Ive also been reading a nice book called "Jane Eyre" fom Charlotte Brontë
The beginning of the book was kinda boring but later it got very intresting.
Its mostly about an orphan girl who is send 2 a charity school by her rich aunt bcz her aunt sees her as a low creature. After she spend 8 years there she became a teacher/ governess 4 another orphan girl whos living at a rich mans house.
After all Jane fall in love with that man and they are about 2 marry. But something bad gonna happen..
Am not gonna say more as u might want 2 read the book and i dont want 2 spoil it :)

After reading this book i once more wish 2 write a book myself.
I did start 2 do that be4 but my travel 2 uk just interrupted it and i gave up for i was 2 stressed and depressed there. Maybe ill post about my time in uk as its something i will never 4get and it still influence me.
In anyway ill try 2 write a book again isnahllah as i have enough free time these days, actually more than enough.
BUt i have so many ideas 4 it that i first need 2 sort out which of the directions 4 a book ill take.
Inshallah i will post about it when i started it.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) has said, "I and the guardian of orphans are like this." He raised his forefinger and middle finger to illustrate the closeness. (Bukhari & Muslim)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The rat in the AC

Ac means Air conditioner btw :D
Iam not sure though that its in the AC only or also in the walls :S
Its really annoying bcz it makes npoise all night long unless we hit the AC, than its gone some time.
Now iam not scared of rats in generell since i know they r more scared of us than we are scared of them.
But the noise is just annoying ( even its not the only noise annoying me here)
Now how 2 get rid of this? Iam sorry 2 kill it but it might be the only solutions 2 get rid of it. Or ar there other solutions?

Anyway iam in the familys in law house now and sleeping here is a bit of a issue.
2 days be4 the phone rang in the morning and wake us up. After that we heard the rat and couldnt sleep. When my husband finally got the rat 2 leave, his father and brother started 2 argue so loud that we couldnt sleep we got up :S
2day we went 2 sleep at about 4am after shoppig and cooking at night:)
And at 8.30am the wife of my of other brother  in law kept knocking the door bcz she wanted 2 talk 2 another brother in law...very annoying, as her husbad has the key 4 our door..

When i wake up once the sleep after it isnt giving me good rest its just not same as sleeping 8 hours through a night.
I hope i can sleep more than 7 hours 2night without being interrupted so i can finally feel not tired anymore :)