Sunday, February 14, 2010

al masjid

2day i went with one of my brothers in law 2 the club.
Not the disco 4 sure but that kinda club where u can do any kind of sports, go playing with ur kids or go 2 the library and so on. There r even a lot of cafes in there and some small other shops.
Anyway i went with him bcz he needed some help in german from me and inshallah i could help him.
While we were there it was praying time so i had the chance 2 pray in the mosque there :)
I always love 2 pray in the mosque bcz it gives such a nice feeling.
I prayed aasr there first. But since i was a little late 4 prayer i was nearly alone in the prayer room. I took that chance 2 make pictures :)

The next prayer, the maghrib prayer, i attended at the right time and i was able 2 pray with a lot of woman there, mashallah :)
It feels nice 2 see all this woman doing the same as u, just praying 2 the One.
Inshallah i can go 2 the mosque more often when am back home as i have a offer 2 go 2 lessons with 1 woman. It will be quranic arabic lessons in 1 mosque there :)
She doesnt speak english a lot but her daughter does, so inshallah she will come and join us :)

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