Sunday, February 14, 2010

Egypt is getting hot

Since 2 or 3 days the temperature here is going up
Its like a hot german summer :D
Suddenly it turned from maybe 20 grad at daytime to 30
I wanted it 2 be a bit warmer bcz i was freezing 2 much but now its so warm i wish i could wear a shirt and miniskirt at home ( cant bcz we still with brothers in law)
Last year at this time it wasnt like this at all.
i was in Alex last year and it was raining and soo cold. I remember how i wear training suit, abaya and a jacket when i went outside in the evening.
And now, 1 year later in cairo its the total opposite.
Is this the global warming?

I already scare the summer here when it starts like this just in february, how it gonna be in june or july?
And ill have still a baby belly in june, i think that will be suffering time 4 me :S
Inshallah it wont get 2 hot, so that i have 2 stay home all day near the air conditioner

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