Monday, February 8, 2010

Whats new?

Actually not much
The last days were not intresting at all as i havent been doing anything intresting.
i have been shopping yesterday where i bought a skirt and a white long shirt for under 20 euro.. yay. Sadly i wont be able 2 wear the sirt 4 long as my stomach is growing but inshallah ill wear it after giving birth
I always spend time studying arabic which still gives me a hard time. I used 2 love 2 study vocabulary ( back in school) but nowadays it just bores me. Inshallah i will not give up and get better in arabic.

Ive also been reading a nice book called "Jane Eyre" fom Charlotte Brontë
The beginning of the book was kinda boring but later it got very intresting.
Its mostly about an orphan girl who is send 2 a charity school by her rich aunt bcz her aunt sees her as a low creature. After she spend 8 years there she became a teacher/ governess 4 another orphan girl whos living at a rich mans house.
After all Jane fall in love with that man and they are about 2 marry. But something bad gonna happen..
Am not gonna say more as u might want 2 read the book and i dont want 2 spoil it :)

After reading this book i once more wish 2 write a book myself.
I did start 2 do that be4 but my travel 2 uk just interrupted it and i gave up for i was 2 stressed and depressed there. Maybe ill post about my time in uk as its something i will never 4get and it still influence me.
In anyway ill try 2 write a book again isnahllah as i have enough free time these days, actually more than enough.
BUt i have so many ideas 4 it that i first need 2 sort out which of the directions 4 a book ill take.
Inshallah i will post about it when i started it.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) has said, "I and the guardian of orphans are like this." He raised his forefinger and middle finger to illustrate the closeness. (Bukhari & Muslim)


Jaz said...

Are you learning Standard Arabic or Egyptian?

Mimisha said...

Im learning both :)
egyptian arabic 4 talking
and standard arabic 4 writing and reading quran. So am trying if i learn a word 2 remember it in both forms right away ( like watermelon = had had in arabic and batich in egyptian)

Do u speak egyptian arabic? I also use ur talk-like-an-egyptian-blog sometimes when i study :)