Saturday, February 13, 2010

stop insisting

I dont like it at all whenpeople keep insisting afte u already said NO!
Like someone asked me 2 go 2 out ( a female)
me: no thx i dont wanna go there
SHe: why not?
me: I donrt like it
She:come on come with me there
me: No thx
she: why?
me: bcz i dont want 2 go there
she: yalla come wth me
me: No i dont wanna go there..

this going on n on..
Im actually pretty simple 2 understand bcz for me no is no and yes is yes.
I dont say no when i mean yes.

Like in arabic countrys when someone offers u someting 2 drink or 2 eat and u say no they will keep on insisting which is their culture.

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Jaz said...

Aw I know what you mean. I hate being forced to eat. It's like it's my life, I want to decide when and what I want to do!