Saturday, February 20, 2010

Turkish coffee

I have been writin a long post about me being home again and stuff like that but thanks 2 my connection it got deleted :S And am 2 lazy 2 write the same again
So am back hoome since some days and happy 2 be here :)

Since am home again i got my obsession 2 turkish coffee again.
I loved it be4 when i was in alex last year but since i couldnt do it well in germany due to no gas cooker, i stopped drinking it and exchanged it 4 coffee with milk.
But i talked with my brother in law about turkish coffee and since than im longing 4 some, so when i came back home i just made some and it worked out. Even i didnt have the right pot 4 it ( the Canaka) but it still turned out good alhamdulillah.( Here u can see how 2 make it, its really worth it )
I could drink this stuff all the time and listen the emirati/saudian music 2 it :)

My husband hates this kinda music am listening in tv. Its mostly singers from saudia, emirates, kuwait or oman and they sing in a very different arabic. But i love this old fashioned ways and the music itself. Its much more like the real arabic than the new egyptian songs which are quite modern.
My husband loves the old egyptian songs like the ones from um kalthoum with real orchestras and alll this stuff. He claims that he likes it only since we married, but truly i dont think so :P
His family stayed in saudia a long time and his brothers who are born there undertsand and like the saudian music more than him. Especially one of them loves the same music like i do.
I think i need 2 sit with him and let him tell me what the songs mean as my husband cant translate them.

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