Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The rat in the AC

Ac means Air conditioner btw :D
Iam not sure though that its in the AC only or also in the walls :S
Its really annoying bcz it makes npoise all night long unless we hit the AC, than its gone some time.
Now iam not scared of rats in generell since i know they r more scared of us than we are scared of them.
But the noise is just annoying ( even its not the only noise annoying me here)
Now how 2 get rid of this? Iam sorry 2 kill it but it might be the only solutions 2 get rid of it. Or ar there other solutions?

Anyway iam in the familys in law house now and sleeping here is a bit of a issue.
2 days be4 the phone rang in the morning and wake us up. After that we heard the rat and couldnt sleep. When my husband finally got the rat 2 leave, his father and brother started 2 argue so loud that we couldnt sleep we got up :S
2day we went 2 sleep at about 4am after shoppig and cooking at night:)
And at 8.30am the wife of my of other brother  in law kept knocking the door bcz she wanted 2 talk 2 another brother in law...very annoying, as her husbad has the key 4 our door..

When i wake up once the sleep after it isnt giving me good rest its just not same as sleeping 8 hours through a night.
I hope i can sleep more than 7 hours 2night without being interrupted so i can finally feel not tired anymore :)


Jaz said...

Oh my god I would be so afraid of the rat, you know we also had funny noises from the walls in Cairo - I'm sure it was a rat too! I'm so scared of them.

Sorry that you can't sleep and about your brother in laws wife :(

腳亞子 said...

Everyone fastens where there is gain.........................................