Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ive been tagged

Ive been tagged by Cecilia from the Blog My Life Story

The challenge is to tell 7 things about yourself and then challenge 7 people and link to them and the one who challenged you.

7 things about me:

1.I learned arabic 1 year before in alexandria( Egypt). A friend of me helped me alot with the alphabet and the rest i learned from books. Unfortunatly i stopped and forgot a lot of what i knew and so now i have 2 re-new my knowldege

2. I dont like dogs. Well i dont hate them and i like puppys somehow. But in generell i feel strange when i touched grown-up dogs and i prefer them 2 stay a bit away from me. Though i dont fear them.

3. I love taking photos of everything but sadly i cant us them 4 anything :S
I just keep them ( the best of them) and watch them from time 2 time and think how wasted my talent is ;)

4. If i could decide this on my own i would adopt a child when iam older ( around 35 - 40) I always wanted 2 do so to give an orphan a home. But i know am not ready now and i also want 2 have own kids first 2. And im not sure if my husband will ever like this idea.

5. I hate 2 wear jeans. I know its not so islamic but thats not why i dont like it. I just dont like the feeling of jeans on my skin. Alhamdulillah for the comfortables skirts and abayas :)

6. Im obsessed with oaths in milk. I could eat this all day long but my husband wouldnt let me and i guess i would anyway need some more vitamins than this can give me.

7. Im not very social. Its difficult 2 me 2 start friendships. I always miss the ones i have been fiends for so long and who know me so well ( i stopped contact bcz he was male!) So by now am struggling 2 start some new friendships here so i will have a social life again and friends 2 go out with :)

I will challenge the following

* Jaz
* AlabasterMuslim
* firdous
* Deppy
* Mama Muslimah Baby Muslimah
* Minty'eema
* Sharshura


Sharshura said...

Don't worry its fine. I have never done one of these before on my blog.

Jaz said...

Thanks for the tag, yours is itnteresting! I love oats in milk too yum