Monday, January 11, 2010

Really bad Day!

A really bad one :S
On saturday i actually had 2 get up at 5am 2 eat so that i could go 2 he lab 4 the bloodtest at 11am ( u gotta fast 6 hours 4 that)
Anyway i didnt hear the alarm on my mobile and woke at 8.30am
After eating andomi(some kinda pasta with soup) and some bread i didnt felt good at all. Appearently my stomach doesnt think andomi is good 4 breakfast. The rest of the day i had problems with my stomach :(
We went 2 the lab at 4pm ( after 7 hours fasting)
There i got 2 know that i have 2 make a complete blood test not only the sugar one.
So they had 2 take my blood :S
I thought they would just do this test where they use ur finger..
Im really scared of taking blood, 2 a point that i get really dizzy and feel bad when i have 2 do it ( just bcz of my psychology, i know it doesnt hurt that bad in reality)
I was near 2 decide 2 leave it and go but than i just changed my mind and let the nurse do it.
It wasnt that bad as the times in germany. At least after that i could eat again.
And after some time went 2 Nasr city/city stars 4 shopping. Even we didnt buy anything bcz the baby things i like are wether 4 girls or boys n not unisex.
But after we left city stars i realized i lost my mobile so we searched it in the car and as we didnt find it my husband called my number.
A male person took the call and told us 2 come to haram 2 meet him and get it back.
Its not really near 2 city stars but alhamdulilah we got there quite fast.
Anyhow after searching and calling him several times 2 find where exactly he is, we met him and got it back, alhamdulillah.
I thoutght i really will never see my mobil eagain and i just got it 2 weeks ago.

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