Friday, January 8, 2010


Ok so iam trying 2 find a good name 4 the baby ( though we still dont know if its a boy or a girl)
But it doesnt seem 2 be so important 2 my husband as he believes im gonna dream about the name one night and ill just know it..
Am so not so sure about this, and id prefer 2 have Names set just in case anything happens.
The problem is that id love 2 have 2 names, one arabic and 1 nordic name
For example Fares Killian
But my husband says the egyptian offices wont allow it 2 give the baby 2 names as in this case killian would be seem as the name of the father :(
Ill have 2 figure this out bcz im gonna get the birth certificate from the german embassy so our baby will have the german nationality inshallah.

Here r some names i like and my husband doesnt dislike
Alina = Beautiful.
Alayna = Princess (Iranian) Upon (Arabic)
Light (From the Greek word Helena)
Aleenam = Silk of heaven.
Alaia = Virtuous
Ana = Prestige, self respect.
Meymona = Good Fortune.
Mina = light
Minal = Gift, achievement.
Munira = Light, sunshine.
Naira (shinning, glittering)
Saira = Happy

Ilyas- A Prophet's name.
Faraz-Ascent, height.
Aazim -Male Determined

Which of the names do u like best?


deppy said...

awwww, meemy yr bregger :D, I didnt know, congrats hun. Inshalah you'll have the cutest baby :)

I like Alina (if you didnt use it I might take it when I have a baby girl one day ;))
and Minal/Manal is my mum's name :D

there is also Judy - a mountain name in quraan
Jury - good scented flower (Arabian) for girls

boys Aazim seems like a grandpa :D, Iyad and Ilyas is better, and you may also go for Adam (I love this name :))

Wish we can catch up soon :)

Mimisha said...

Shokran :)
Its propably a boy so all teh girl names i searched wont work :S
I prefer Aden than Adam, but ingenerell i dont know which name 2 take :)
I wish u that u find the right man and have kids 2 soon inshallah :)