Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Being grateful

Am not sure if iam as grateful as iam supposed 2 be 4 all the things iam blessed with, subhanallah. But i feel bad seing a person who got so much things and isnt grateful just as she treats the things in a very bad way.
For example she has a lot of islamic book but they r under a deep layer of dust.
In any way they were under a lot of other useless things. I try 2 treat my books in a good way bcz i know that they r from allah n not everyone is blessed 2 get books like this. Like when i were living in germany it was hard 2 get good islamic books and so i treated them like treasures :)

Of course the same thing goes for anything allah blesses us with like clothes,household items or anything else. We should be thankfull and treat our things good and if we have something we dont need and dont appreciate, maybe we should give it away 2 someone who would appreciate it.
Ill inshallah try my best 2 be more thankfull for what i have by remembering people who cant afford it even they wold want it.
Right now iam thankfull that i got the gift to know how 2 organize things and how 2 speak english :P
So what are u most grateful for?

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