Monday, January 18, 2010

Om Ali?

I actually thought about that if id decide 2 name my Boy Ali am gonna be Om Ali :)
4 any of u who dont know Om Ali, its a sweet dish here in Egypt made of half cooked dough, nuts and raisins. I cant help but thin that every time someone would call me Om Ali i would have 2 think of this and smile.
But in anyway ill not name him Ali as i dont like the Name that much, and still we didnt find a good Name.
My husband suggested Salahuddin..not bad but does anyone use this name nowadays in egypt? I have no idea about it but i dont wanna give my baby a name that will cause other kids 2 make fun of him :S
Muhammad is nice but id prefer something more unique thats not so popular but still sounds good and is accepted in society..a hard task i guess


Angeliquez said...

salaam sister..
so sweet of you to have visited my blog..
congrats on your pregnancy and i will include you and your hubby and family in my prayers too insha Allaah!
you are so right to be thinking of a name from now..
keep trying,we decided on a name the day before our baby was to named!
and believe its not fun when you have to rush something like that!

take care sis,

will be coming back to see you more often insha Allaah!


deppy said...

Am totally in for Ali, it's my fav name, and lol about the OM Ali. I like it (may he grow up like Ali Ebn Abi-taleb inshalah :)).

About salahudinn it's an old name, nowaday name's is more of spoiled name like soso and toto kinda names :D