Wednesday, January 13, 2010

very hungry

Iam hungryyy :S
I just ate a lot last night, though only healthy stuff, and still im so hungry.
In the morning i couldnt fall asleep again bcz i was so hungry but i was 2 lazy 2 get up n cook something.
Now i just took 1,5 hours 2 make 2 different kinds of rice but all i want is CHOCOLATE!
But my lovly husband refused yesterday 2 go out n get it 4 me ( thats ur job, iam pregnant after all :P)
So my last hope is 2 get chocolate 2day, i just cant get enough of that stuff.
And the best about it is i can eat as much as i want since im supposed 2 gainsome weight and i didnt gain anything til now..Sometimes its great 2 be pregnant :)

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