Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hijab or no Hijab?

This post inst really about me :)
Am waering hijab since about 4 years and am happy with it. I started 2 wear it about 1 year after i converted and after i already was wearing caps 4 some time.
I just wonder, do u ever tell people if u think their outfit isnt really fitting 2 a hijab? I dont mean like if u dont like their outfit. I simply mean if it islamicly isnt right and the hijab doesnt save it anymore.
For example a girl that wears tight jeans and a tight shirt + a hijab. it doesnt make sense 2 cover when anyone can see the exact shape of ur body, does it?
I know a girl that goes out in a way like that, even not soo extrem, and i wonder if i should talk 2 her. But in the same way im sure she knows...
So what do u do in this kinda situations?

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deppy said...

Yeah you sure should talk to her, but be careful cause they can be twisted and confused and end up taking off the whole hijab.

good luck:)