Saturday, September 22, 2012

Doctors in Egypt?

Doctors in egypt are a topic which is really hard to handle.
How do you find a good one that you can trust and who is qualified?
I dont really have the need to go to a doctor except when i cant stand a problem anymore..

So the kinds of doctors i went to are:
gynecologist ( pregnancy and birth)
Pediatricians ( my son, not me :)

Thanks to my MIL i found a great Gynecologist pretty fast.
the first one i went to was a woman cause i would have prefered to have a female one.
But she wasnt really qualified, she didnt ask about family history ( illnesses) or anything else that could be important. i didnt feel very safe with her so i changed afgter 3 visits.
I found one ( a male one) who is highly qualified and who did a great job. He does travel to europe and other countrys to study and update his knowledge which is something i appreciate.Of course he cant keep up with the doctors you would see in germany, simply bcz in germany the doctor will tell you everything, from the size of the baby to the health,..
Here they dont talk to you, all they tell u is " the baby is fine"..
Well i want to know a bit more as i dont depend on the doctors, i have enough knowledge to know what size is acceptable at which time of the pregnancy etc..
Still im satisfied with his work and would always recommand him.

The dentist i went to is a friend of my husband and also a very good one.
Didnt have much problems and at leats he knew how to use anaesthesia. I didnt had much pain and he worked on the right teeth. i guess thats all i could ask for.

Well the pediatricion is a whole another chapter..
Finding a good one is neatly impossible!
Some of them will do anythign to make your child recover fast, which isnt a good thing.
rayyan had a bad flu and since he our first child we were pretty worried. The pediatricion we went to gave an injection and told us it will be fine. He got better pretty fast but in the end we found out there was cortisol in the injection..We did ask about this and the doctor assured us theres nothing like that.
Cortisol is very bad for the body and espceially for kids, its not needed for cases like a flu or cold!
Never went to that doctor again.

Another one didnt recognize that rayyan had an ear infection. Thats another one we wont go again..

next one want to give him Antibiotics for everything, cold, flu, fever..hey take antibiotics helps for everything..Well not really
Antibiotics are against bacteria..Flu and cold come from virus, so why do you need antibiotic?

The one we go to know is also a huge fan of antibiotics, but othe rthan that hes ok. Not perfect, not even good but what should we do?
We just cant seem to find a good one anywhere..we went to 4 different areas of cairo and all of them were not good enough!

The one we go to at the moment is supposed to be in our area 2 times a week. Sadly he doesnt show up most of the time. And if he does than you have to wait more than 1 hour.
1 hour in a hopstital with a tantrum throwing toddler..lovly..
He also takes 50 Le for every visit which is really high just for a check up.
Other doctors take about 20Le..seems like he knows that hes better than a lot of other pediatricion in egypt..

That wouldnt be a problem if we moved to germany. At least the doctors there are better and more trustable. In addition the insurance pays for everything.
i know that we paid more than 400$ when i had my baby, and if i had him in germany, not only would the surrounding be better, but we wouldnt need to pay anything.
I would also have had a nurse to help me with a lot of stuff thati had to figure out myself in egypt ( not that easy i can tell u..)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Update Dentist

I wrote before on this Blog that i had very bad tooth ache and i had to get 2 tooth filled.

Well its finally done, alhamdulillah
5 visits to the dentist later..

The first time he made just 1 tooth. He made a hole in it and removed all the bad parts.
Than he put a filling. But not the permanent one, so id have to come back to get the permament filling.

The next time he cleaned the other tooth.
He also put a non permament filling in it and cleaned the other one again.

Another visit..
Since we waited too long he had to clean them again and than..remove the nerves :S
It didnt hurt, thanks to the injections i got.
But again no permanent filling!!

Now 3 days ago i finally got the permanent filling.
Its hedidntasked mewhich filling i want like a dentist in germany would.
He used ceramic filling.
The teeth are in the back so it wouldnt have been a problem to use another filling i guess.
Ceramic fillings are rather expensive, at least in germany( up to 200 euro)

I paid about 500 LE for all of this which is probably a good price.
I mean he did a great job and i didnt have pain (not much at least)
There r dentists in egypt that take way less than this, but the quality is accordingly pretty bad.

I know of 2 cases that went very bad..
One woman went to her dentist and after this she had extrem pain for a week.
Yes some pain is normal..but not this much.
The dentist obviously did something wrong and didnt prescribe the right pain meds!

Another one i know of went to a dentist who treated the wrong tooth.
And also broke out a crown..
So the tooth that had hurt her was still there and she now had a hole/filling in a tooth that was healthy.
Pain stayed and she had to come back.
Doesnt sound very appealing!!

Am soo glad this is over..
It was not as bad as i would have imagined it. And when i remember the days i could only stand the pain by taking pain meds every day..Good thats over!
it started some time before my mum came to visit in june and my treatment started in the end of july.
So for quite a while i had to stand a lot of pain on a regulr basis :(
Now i have no pain at all and my teeth are fine. there are still some things i have to get done. But ill take a break from dentist visits for now!

If any of oyou need a good dentist in cairo let me know and ill give you his number.
It is a man so dont bother if you just wanna be treated by a woman.
I dont think there are good female dentist in cairo, but let me know if you find one..

Comfort Food

I try to avoid carb rich foods as well as foods that contain a lot of artifical ingredients ( diet soda, candys,..) most of the time.
But today i simply need some comfort food!
The stress we have with ours Son is pretty annoying and some comfort food is all we need today :D

I made cheesecake yesterday but since it was a small one and we gave half of it to my brother in law and my baby ate also his share we didnt have much of it.
Tasty cheesecake recipe

So today i made pasta bolognaise.
Im not much into Meat dishes, but Pasta bolognaise is an exception for that.
Its the one thing i always missed while eating a vegetarian diet for 13 years.
At first i just bought it from the restaurant, but i decided to give it a try and make Pasta bologanise at home.
Its actually not that hard and just takes some time.
But its worth it and really tasty :)
Heres the recipe if you wanna try to make pasta bolognaise at home yourself.
I just leftthe mushroom this time cause we didnt have any and i made a bigger amount as ill be given some to my brother in law.
Enjoy :)
Pasta Bolognaise Recipe

Whats your comfort Food?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tantrum disasters

Rayyan is now 2 years n 3 months old and since a few days he makes our life much harder.
He started to throw tantrums around the clock, like every 1 hours he freaks out at least once.
Really great when he starts crying, screaming, biting, kicking,..
He even lay down on the ground to bang his head against the floor. My MIL told me all her sons used to do that so i guess that an egyptian trade? Never heard of european kids doing that.
Even at night theres no peace in this house cause if he wakes up he starts screaming as if someone hit him or worse. Its pretty scary when he does that cause i do feel sorry for him, it must be terrifying to suddenly feel like this angry, sad, or whatever it is.
The only way to make him stop is to hug him and be quiet, if even say 1 word he will cry again :(

I really wish i had some support like my mother or aunts here to take him from time to time so i can breathe a bit.
Though im not sure if they could handle him when he throws another tantrum.
So any of you who have gone through this phase with their kids, any suggestions, tips or advices?
I could use any advice possible :)
If this goes on until his 3rd brithsday ill probably have white hair at that time from all the stress :S

BonBons parfume

I love these little parfums from BonBons
They are my first choice for traveling and going out.
They are small enough o fit in every bag, no matter how small.
And they smell pretty good.
There are 2 more available in addition to the 3 above.
I normally choose one called milkshake, smelling like vanilla, but they didnt have it at the store.
So i went for the one on the right, Melody, smells good too.
The other 2 smell ok but are not so much my taste.
Those parfums are imported from italy but still coast only 21Le (3.5$) which i guess thats ok.
They are not my favs of all time but my favs for taking some parfum with me when i go out.
My fav of all time are gucci n pur poisen. I love oriental parfumes too but they dont exactly have right names here in egypt. They just mix parfumes in any way you tell them.
What parfumes do you like to use?

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Twilight Saga

I gotta admit am a fan of twilight
The books are actually not that bad and pretty entertaining and the movies are ok too.

Im not so found of the vamps in this saga though.
Im more found of the wolves
The vampires are kinda strange..i mean sparkling in the sun..Really?

I have read all books and ive seen the movies in TV ( i dont go to the cinema normally)
Im pretty interested in the last movie of the Saga, but than again i dont think it will be great!
Just too much Vamp stuff and too less about the wolves.

I guess ill watch it anyway, online of course since i dont have anyone who would watch it in cinemas with me. And in any way am not a fan of cinema´s.
The character i do like are actually jake n paul from wolves aswell as leah and seth clearwater.

From the vamps i like jasper and carlisle.
Edward isnt a character i like too much as i think hes way to controlinng over Bella.
Bella is such a boring character..has not much to offer except her obidience and randomness..
I also like Billy Black and charlie ( bellas dad) as tehy are interesting characters in my opinion.
Renee (Bellas mom )on the other site is pretty boring

Any of you who like twilight?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Iphone 3 gs problems..

When my mum came to visit she brought me an iphone 3gs.
I bought that one on ebay, so its an used item but i dont mind.
The problem i have now is that i was jailbreak and i tried to reset the iphone
Now when i turn it on  i only get the apple logo but it wont turn on.

I hate this situation cause i have the iphone at home and cantuse waste of money!
My husband tried to fix the problem, but didnt succeed in it till now.
I hope he gonna manage to fix it soon so i can finally use the iphone to read books andwell use it as a phone. My other mobile ( samsung corby) doesnt work well since some time. Mostly i cant the one im im in need of the iphone

Has anyone an idea how to fix the iphone problem?

if you have an iphone, let me know your favourtie apps :)
i didnt had much time to use the iphone till now so i had only a few apps like whatsapp, viber, some games, quran and the talking cat,dog n parrot. my son sure loves the talking cat and i wont download that again. As soon as he sees the cat he takes the iphone and keeps it with him. having conversations with his best friend the talking cat :D
It actually just repeats what u say in a strange voice, but rayyan loves it..

Facebook - marriage market?

I havent been ableto use theInternet yesterday, so today after sleeping as much as possible i went online to see what has happend in the time i was not around.
I do like Facebook as its a great way to getto knew other people with same interests and beliefs.
People around me dont speak much english and are overall pretty boring..
So i love my FB account.
I did change settings so males cant contact me and i only talk to males of the family.
Its pretty obvious im not searching for a relationship or friendship to males on FB.
My status: Married to *****
Written in my profile :

 Dear males, dont try 2 add me or write me
Im not interested ..
Just fear Allah!

So plzz stoo sending me friends request

and 4 the case u dont know me but wanna add me (females), at least contact me in any way be4 u add me..
Sure that doesnt keep them from sending me friendsrequests and from poking me. I ignore that simply as i know those guys r idiots.
If u add a random person, dont u read the profile first?
I guess guys dont!
So 2day someone tried to contact me, nothing special.
But, well..kinda different and very stupid.
He wrote a pist in a group ( foreignersd in egypt) mentioning my name, to make sure id read it.
Ahmed Shenawy wrote: **** inbox me. Something important and in very respectfull way 
Me: excuse me, i dont know u and have no interest to talk 2 males that i dont know..plz delete this post!
Ahmed Shenawy :in very respectful **** and u will see and if I say something wrong it's easy to block me
Ahmed Shenawy : I wanted to talk to you but I couldn't because of your privarcy setting
Me: should show u that i dont wannatalk to u!
Ahmed Shenawy :and of course I know that you are very respectful woman
Me: what u want? im gonna block u soon if u going on with chatting!
Ahmed Shenawy :please,in very respectful way(((
Ahmed Shenawy :why r u going to do that?
did I say anything melicious or wrong??((((
just give me the chance to talk to you((((

Ahmed Shenawy it's very respectful request and you will see that yourself
but it should not be in public

Me: :i told u, tell me what u want? im not interested inprivate chat with males!

Ahmed Shenawy it's embarrasing
I want to marry you officially on official papers and in Al Azhar but we need to know more about each other right?

Ahmed Shenawy so I'm not talking about something melicious as u thought(((

 Me: You are such an idiot! did u read my profile at all..iam married and i have a son! Ill report u for harrasing now..bye
So he blocked me after my last post :D
I will report him anyway! Such a rude behaviour..
Even if i wasnt married, i still dont need random strangers asking me to marry them bcz they like my pic..ts ts ts.. im not that desperate, never was!
FB really needs a function : only viewable for Females / Males
+ choose exceptions
That would be suchmuch better!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fatigue - Tiredness

These days I’m always tired.

I wouldn’t be able to get through the day without coffee. That’s why I actually increased my coffee intake from 2 cups a day to 4-5 cups of coffee a day.

There are several things that could be the reason and I’m not sure which one it is.

- iron deficit; that would mean I don’t have enough iron in my blood. I had that before and treated it by eating more iron rich foods and by including meat in my diet ( well hamburger but meat is meat..)

- Missing vitamins - that could be as I haven’t been eating healthy enough. But since 1.5 weeks I eat much more vegetables again and I doubt I would still be tired if that was the reason. In any way I have bought Centrum vitamins today, just in case. Pretty expensive with more than 1 Le per tablet!

- Any other reasons - Could be anything I guess, but I’m healthy otherwise so a disease should have more than 1 syndrome I guess.

I’ll go with taking vitamins and trying to increase my iron intake for 1 month and than I’ll see if it gets any better. Right now I sleep about 8-9 hours a night and after half of the day I wanna crawl back to bed. Not that I do anything that would make me this tired. Just the usual housework (cooking, cleaning, washing,..) and taking care of my son. It never made me this tired before so that’s not the reason.

It’s 9 pm here and I’m by now ready for bed. Tired - cant concentrate very well - and just powerless.

I just hope this passes soon, its just so annoying when you have no energy and always wanna sleep..

Coffee Addict

I love Coffee
Any kind of Coffee, except black one maybe
I do love Espresso, Cappucchino, Milk Coffee, Latte, Latte Macchiato, Iced Mocha, ..
and the list goes on

I love to go to any Coffee Shop and try out any Coffee drink i havet tried yet. Its something i really enjoy, even though no body understands it here :D

Its just something i enjoy, like they enjoy their shisha..
Aday without coffe is a bad day..ok it can be a good day but ill miss my coffee
When we go to my in laws i make sure to have coffee mix with me as the chance of finsing milk there is very slim. So coffe mix saves me, just add hot water and you are ready to go :)
Great invention!

I drink 2-4 cups of coffee with milk a day
Since i have an Espresso maker at home, i do drink espresso too sometimes, or use the Espresso to make Cappucchino.
My mum drink up to 2 litre of black coffee without sugar or milk every day.
I guess she needs it to stay active.. i wouldnt be able to drink coffee without any milk, maybe without sugar but never without milk

I´ve made ice Coffee before but it needed a lot of sugar so i don´t do that anymore.
I tried a lot of coffee brands that are sold in the supermarkets around me.
Like Irish coffee powder, or coffee  mocha..Irish coffee tastes great and it has no alcohol ;)

In germany they sell way more different coffee types and types of cappucchino.
There i used to buy Cappucchino with the taste of Milka yummy
I need to get that again when i go to germany.

i never go to starbucks as they support israel..and well i dont wanna support israel..

I love costa cafe, they have a great iced mocha  Costa on Fb
they have the best chocolate muffins and a great cheesecake too.

Cilantro is ok too though they have smaller sizes and the price isnt that good ( my husband loves cilantro) cilantro on Fb

Gloria jeans i really nice but its a bit far from me. I go there whenever im in nasr city Gloria jeans on Fb

The Coffee shop company has great drinks too, like the Batista..very very tasty..and a lot of calories ( much more than iced mocha would have..) and more expensive than Costa cafe  the coffee shop company on Fb

Aunt Annes is not a coffee shop but they sell milkshake with moca taste..I love it
Its called dutch shake i think.. In any way it has more calories than you can imagine. so just consume it once in a while..once a years sounds good :D 

So i admit im a Coffeholic :)
whos with me?

Bad luck or destiny?

I guess when something bad happens not only 1 thing will go wrong.
At leastthat mostly the case for me and my family.

If something bad happens other things add to it..
Today my husband injured his finger very badly, he nearly cut it off :S
It happend at work but since there is no isurance in egypt we wont get anything for this.
And well its his own factory..
Alhamdulillah the doctor was able to fix it for now and we will see how this goes on.
70% chance that he wont be able to completly bend this finger again :(

In addition to this it seems my son gets sick too.
Im not sure whats happening but he has a temperature. He still feels good and has as much energy as always so it doesnt seem to be something too bad.
In any way we will have to go to his doctor tomorrow to check whats wrong.

thats all happening just after i finished my tooth problems a few days ago..
I guess it never really runs smoothly for us.
But after all every pain we endure will give us hasanat ( good deeds) so im gonna think of that..

i dont believe in bad luck really..
I think its all a reaction to something we did or simply destiny ( written by allah)
If we do something bad that hurt others, we might just get it back by a suffering in this world or we will get punished in the next one. i surely prefer to suffer here for some time and have a happiness for eternity in the next one..

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Editing, editing, editing...

I edited all my posts in this Blog today
Only about 164 posts from which i delted a few.
I deleted contents with toouch personal information and contents i dont agree with anymore ;)

It took me a long time, but it was interesting to say at least.
Especially the posts about my pregnanycy and the time when rayyan was just a new born baby.
I miss those times now that hes a big boy :)

Well check out the older posts, there are some interesting ones, i promise ;)

And check out my recipe Blog My other Blog
I added a few new recipes and ill try to update it more often.
I do write down recipes regularly and make pics too, but i dont find the time to edit the recipes and upload the content.

So any of you who have a blog please write it in the comment box :)
I read a lot of blogs but i can always use new blogs in my list!

Have a great day everyone :)