Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Comfort Food

I try to avoid carb rich foods as well as foods that contain a lot of artifical ingredients ( diet soda, candys,..) most of the time.
But today i simply need some comfort food!
The stress we have with ours Son is pretty annoying and some comfort food is all we need today :D

I made cheesecake yesterday but since it was a small one and we gave half of it to my brother in law and my baby ate also his share we didnt have much of it.
Tasty cheesecake recipe

So today i made pasta bolognaise.
Im not much into Meat dishes, but Pasta bolognaise is an exception for that.
Its the one thing i always missed while eating a vegetarian diet for 13 years.
At first i just bought it from the restaurant, but i decided to give it a try and make Pasta bologanise at home.
Its actually not that hard and just takes some time.
But its worth it and really tasty :)
Heres the recipe if you wanna try to make pasta bolognaise at home yourself.
I just leftthe mushroom this time cause we didnt have any and i made a bigger amount as ill be given some to my brother in law.
Enjoy :)
Pasta Bolognaise Recipe

Whats your comfort Food?

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Sarah (Umm Abdel Rahman) said...

salams sis.. my comfort food is bamya and rice or Foul muddames with olive oil and lots of bread.