Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Update Dentist

I wrote before on this Blog that i had very bad tooth ache and i had to get 2 tooth filled.

Well its finally done, alhamdulillah
5 visits to the dentist later..

The first time he made just 1 tooth. He made a hole in it and removed all the bad parts.
Than he put a filling. But not the permanent one, so id have to come back to get the permament filling.

The next time he cleaned the other tooth.
He also put a non permament filling in it and cleaned the other one again.

Another visit..
Since we waited too long he had to clean them again and than..remove the nerves :S
It didnt hurt, thanks to the injections i got.
But again no permanent filling!!

Now 3 days ago i finally got the permanent filling.
Its hedidntasked mewhich filling i want like a dentist in germany would.
He used ceramic filling.
The teeth are in the back so it wouldnt have been a problem to use another filling i guess.
Ceramic fillings are rather expensive, at least in germany( up to 200 euro)

I paid about 500 LE for all of this which is probably a good price.
I mean he did a great job and i didnt have pain (not much at least)
There r dentists in egypt that take way less than this, but the quality is accordingly pretty bad.

I know of 2 cases that went very bad..
One woman went to her dentist and after this she had extrem pain for a week.
Yes some pain is normal..but not this much.
The dentist obviously did something wrong and didnt prescribe the right pain meds!

Another one i know of went to a dentist who treated the wrong tooth.
And also broke out a crown..
So the tooth that had hurt her was still there and she now had a hole/filling in a tooth that was healthy.
Pain stayed and she had to come back.
Doesnt sound very appealing!!

Am soo glad this is over..
It was not as bad as i would have imagined it. And when i remember the days i could only stand the pain by taking pain meds every day..Good thats over!
it started some time before my mum came to visit in june and my treatment started in the end of july.
So for quite a while i had to stand a lot of pain on a regulr basis :(
Now i have no pain at all and my teeth are fine. there are still some things i have to get done. But ill take a break from dentist visits for now!

If any of oyou need a good dentist in cairo let me know and ill give you his number.
It is a man so dont bother if you just wanna be treated by a woman.
I dont think there are good female dentist in cairo, but let me know if you find one..

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