Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coffee Addict

I love Coffee
Any kind of Coffee, except black one maybe
I do love Espresso, Cappucchino, Milk Coffee, Latte, Latte Macchiato, Iced Mocha, ..
and the list goes on

I love to go to any Coffee Shop and try out any Coffee drink i havet tried yet. Its something i really enjoy, even though no body understands it here :D

Its just something i enjoy, like they enjoy their shisha..
Aday without coffe is a bad day..ok it can be a good day but ill miss my coffee
When we go to my in laws i make sure to have coffee mix with me as the chance of finsing milk there is very slim. So coffe mix saves me, just add hot water and you are ready to go :)
Great invention!

I drink 2-4 cups of coffee with milk a day
Since i have an Espresso maker at home, i do drink espresso too sometimes, or use the Espresso to make Cappucchino.
My mum drink up to 2 litre of black coffee without sugar or milk every day.
I guess she needs it to stay active.. i wouldnt be able to drink coffee without any milk, maybe without sugar but never without milk

I´ve made ice Coffee before but it needed a lot of sugar so i don´t do that anymore.
I tried a lot of coffee brands that are sold in the supermarkets around me.
Like Irish coffee powder, or coffee  mocha..Irish coffee tastes great and it has no alcohol ;)

In germany they sell way more different coffee types and types of cappucchino.
There i used to buy Cappucchino with the taste of Milka yummy
I need to get that again when i go to germany.

i never go to starbucks as they support israel..and well i dont wanna support israel..

I love costa cafe, they have a great iced mocha  Costa on Fb
they have the best chocolate muffins and a great cheesecake too.

Cilantro is ok too though they have smaller sizes and the price isnt that good ( my husband loves cilantro) cilantro on Fb

Gloria jeans i really nice but its a bit far from me. I go there whenever im in nasr city Gloria jeans on Fb

The Coffee shop company has great drinks too, like the Batista..very very tasty..and a lot of calories ( much more than iced mocha would have..) and more expensive than Costa cafe  the coffee shop company on Fb

Aunt Annes is not a coffee shop but they sell milkshake with moca taste..I love it
Its called dutch shake i think.. In any way it has more calories than you can imagine. so just consume it once in a while..once a years sounds good :D 

So i admit im a Coffeholic :)
whos with me?

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